Underwear-Masked Robber On The Loose In Idaho

Posted: May 21 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[UPI]  Security footage at a Fruitland, Idaho, coffee shop caught two robbers making off with a safe — one of them wearing underwear on his head as a disguise. Eight security cameras at the Big Star Coffee Shop caught the robbery on tape around 4:34 a.m. Friday, The Idaho Statesman reported. Two men busted in, one with a bandana over his face, the other hiding behind a pair of undies. “They kicked in the back door and went right for the safe,” said owner Jason Wilson, who suspects one of the culprits to be a disgruntled former employee. Their plan came up short when they found the big safe, weighing more than 200 pounds and bolted into cement, was impossible to steal. Instead they made off with a smaller safe containing less than $500. “Who robs something with underwear on their head?” Wilson riddled. “I think the underwear shows they’re not the smartest criminals — or the most well-prepared.”

Big Star Coffee Shop owner Jason Wilson is talking a lot of shit about a couple of ‘dumb, unprepared’ criminals who just robbed him.  Not everyone’s Danny Ocean, bro, but they still made out with some loot which is the objective of any heist.  And how exactly is a Fruit of the Loom mask stupid?  Can you give me a facial description of the dude in the drawers?  Good luck finding the guy with the skin tone of Powder, a brown streak for a nose & a strange mouth-tattoo of a bunch of fruit & an upside-down 34-36.  Seems a little odd that the sucker out a few hondo is the one putting down a guy who put his underwear on his head for $500.  I’d do that shit for $50 at any bar or party.


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