Tae Kwon Do Instructor Convinces Underage Chicks Sex With Him Will Make Them Better Martial Artists

Posted: May 24 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Washington Post]  A Springfield martial arts instructor propositioned two girls at his successful studio: If you want to improve your Tae Kwon Do, have sex with me, Fairfax police alleged in a search warrant. Quyen Vinh Phan Le, 38, the founder of Phan University of Martial Arts, lured the girls, then 15 and 16, into sexual relationships, even as they continued to train at his school and at least one made it to the highest levels of the sport. Le was arraigned Tuesday on seven felony charges of taking indecent liberties with minors and possessing child pornography. One of the victims tipped police to Le last year and the second victim was discovered during the course of the investigation. The alleged abuse of the first victim occurred between May 2003 and January 2005, and Le had inappropriate sexual contact with the second victim in late 2008. No other victims have been discovered at this point. The first victim began taking Tae Kwon Do lessons from Le when she was 10 or 11 years old. By 15, the girl was training almost everyday at Le’s school and he told her he was attracted to her and she had grown up quite a bit. Le was able to convince the girl that a sexual relationship would help her achieve her goals as a martial artist. The girl had sex with Le from the time she was 16, until adulthood. Le allegedly began the relationship with the second victim in 2007. Le was able to persuade both girls that he was the key to their Olympic aspirations. He also instilled a traditional value system, which placed emphasis on obedience to the Tae Kwon Do master. The girls were expected to bring Le food and do side jobs around the school. Le also wrote romantic notes to the girls, including one where he refers to himself as “Professor Phan.” He also exchanged photos and videos.

Well, first of all I’d just like to say it’s good to see an authoritative male figure getting some underage lovin’ for once.  I feel like women teachers have had the unfair advantage for a while now.  Second of all, I’d like to inform everyone I don’t condone inappropriate sexual contact with a minor.  Perhaps that should have been my “first of all”…whatever.  Anyway, with that being said, I really don’t see the problem with Quyen Vinh Phan Le having inappropriate sexual contact with a minor to help students ascend to the highest levels of Tae Kwon Do.  If he was doing it for his own perverse entertainment, that’s one thing.  But the world of karate is a world most of us know very little about.  Mr. Miyagi gave us a little peek and no one said shit about having a student polish his car. And you’ve all heard the rumor about how, in the initial cut, Daniel-san was actually polishing Miyagi’s dick but they changed it to an old car to keep the flick PG, right?  No?  Well I have.  And look what it did for Daniel.  Crane-kicked his way to the most legendary martial artist since Bruce Lee.  So don’t hate on Le’s instilling carte blanche obedience in his prized students.  These young ladies were as dedicated as you need to be to try & fulfill Olympic aspirations.  They weren’t just trying to be the best in their dojo.  If a successful sensei says a little waxing of the wang will get them there, who are a couple of grasshoppers to argue?

  1. Assf says:

    Your a fucking idiot. Your fucked in the head. Go die

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