I Don’t Need Science To Tell Me All Chicks Are Sluts

Posted: May 25 @ 5:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Daily Mail]  It has become a favourite celebrity pastime, with everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Vanessa Hudgens having being caught in the act. Now, however, scientists say our willingness to share naked picture of ourselves with others might actually not be our fault – it could be hardwired into our brain. ‘Being desired is very arousing to women,’ claims clinical psychologist Marta Meana, president of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research. Recent studies have found that more than half of women’s sexual fantasies reflect the desire to be sexually irresistible to men. In one recent survey, 47% of women reported the fantasy of seeing themselves as a striptease dancer, harem girl, or other performer. 50% fantasized about delighting more than one man. The research could explain the recent flood of celebrity picture leaks. The popularity of smartphones with cameras has meant that over the past two years, more photographs of bare-naked celebrity anatomy have been leaked to the public eye than over the previous two centuries. Many have even defended their actions. ‘Look I’m human, & just like every girl in this world, I admire my body so i take pics,’ wrote singer Teyana Taylor after her graphic self-portraits were leaked. Websites showing amateur self portraits have also become a huge success around the world, many using pictures taken from Facebook and other social networking sites. The behavior also appears in men, and some researchers believe they may have inherited the urges from primate ancestors. Male monkeys and apes routinely display their penises to females to indicate sexual interest.

Fucking whores.  All of you.  Simple math combined with this survey data proves it with relative ease.  If you ask a chick what her “number” is, one of 2 things is going to happen.  Either she’s going to lie & you know to double whatever digit she tried to fool you with, or she’s not going to answer because she doesn’t want to lie.  Right?  So based on that, it’s safe to say every other broad is a liar.  Therefore, when you see a survey showing 47% of ladies admitted to dreams of the pole or being pimped out, logic dictates the other 53% are just full of shit.  And therein lies the problem.  It’s not that you’re a slut, it’s that you pretend you’re not.  Here we are as men just whipping our cocks out like apes with zero shame to show you that your attention-getting antics are working and you’re gonna tell us you’re not that type of girl?  Cut the crap.  Even science is dropping the dime on your fingercuff fantasies.  The jig is up, you cock-hungry hooch.  You want to be irresistably desirable, right?  Shit’s working.  So is we fuckin’, or what?


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