Mom Bitching At School Who Gave Her Daughter “Catastrophe Award” For Most Homework Excuses

Posted: May 29 @ 5:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Daily Mail]  The dog ate it, the computer exploded, I spilt spaghetti bolognaise over it. School children have been coming up with excuses for failing to hand in their homework since the concept was invented. Now a frustrated 3rd grade teacher in Tucson, Arizona, has decided to recognise the art of homework dodging by giving out a Catastrophe Award to the student who wriggled out of handing in homework the most. But Christina Valdez says handing her eight-year-old daughter Cassandra Garcia the certificate, which is signed by her teacher beside a smiley face, is humiliating. She said it was presented to her young daughter in front of classmates at Desert Springs Academy. Ms Valdez told Fox News she thought it was a cruel thing to do to a young child. She added: ‘The teacher announced the award in front of the whole class and all the children were laughing at her.’ The mother says the school principal did not offer a response when she went to see her. She added: ‘She blew me off and said that it was a joke that was played – that the teachers joke around with children. ‘I think it’s cruel and no child should be given an award like this. It’s disturbing.’ Ms Valdez now says she will not be taking her daughter back to the school next year.

You know what?  I actually side with Christina Valdez here.  Sure, she’s just avoiding the problem entirely & will inevitably be mother to a knocked-up high school dropout in less than a decade – but raising Cassandra is her job.  Not mine.  If she’s OK with that, who is anyone else to argue?  She’s right – there’s no reason to have drawn up some bullshit award to celebrate her daughter’s ability to bullshit around responsibility.  That’s not on the teacher though, either.  This is what happens when we turn into a bunch of pussies who feel the need to dole out participation awards to every little shit at Field Day.  Everyone makes the team, everyone plays the same.  Well, society, this teacher is simply adjusting to the times.  Everyone’s gotta get something, right?  Well, congratulations, Cassandra.  You earned it. Kudos to the teacher as well for actually paying attention to even her shittiest of students enough to present Cassandra with a fitting award.  Now, every child can go home with something to stick on the fridge.  That’s what we want, right?  I mean, it’s either that or actually do your 3rd grade school work. Dummy.

P.S. – I got an award once in a biology class.  We went on a camping field trip and, at the end of the year, the teacher gave out certificates to legitimate students.  Best Microscope User or whatever.  My award?  The “Most Cursing In A Tent” award.  True story.  One of my proudest scholastic moments.  And look at me now…


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