Meet The Chick Found Tied Up In Aroldis Chapman’s Hotel Room

Posted: June 1 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[WTAE]  Pittsburgh police spent nearly 10 hours questioning a woman who told them she was robbed in Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman’s downtown hotel room. While Chapman was at PNC Park for a Tuesday night game against the Pirates, police were called to the Omni William Penn Hotel because guests heard 26-year-old Claudia Manrique screaming and found her tied up with napkins. She told police that someone pretended to be a maintenance man and tied her up and stole jewelry, clothes, a notebook computer, credit cards and her and Chapman’s identification. In an unrelated incident, former boyfriend Shahryar Kamouei told Channel 4 Action News that Manrique stole from him during a trip to Las Vegas. A police report says that Kamouei, of Baltimore, accuses Manrique of stealing $2,000 by accessing his bank account online while he was out of the room. That case is still under investigation. “I called her numerous times, trying get my money back,” Kamouei told investigative reporter Paul Van Osdol. “She said, ‘I don’t know what you’re calling about, I’m calling the cops.’ ” Kamouei said the relationship began while Manrique, who is from Colombia and currently lives in Silver Spring, Md., was working as a stripper at the Ritz Cabaret in Baltimore. But things went sour in Vegas, where he also learned that she was married. “She said she’s only married to get a green card,” Kamouei said. An unidentified man was seen escorting Manrique out of the Zone 2 police station Wednesday evening. Police referred to him as her husband. Police continue to investigate and have not charged anyone with the hotel robbery, but Kamouei said, “They should be looking into it, and they should be interviewing me, too.” “You don’t think this was some kind of random robbery?” Van Osdol asked. “Absolutely not,” Kamouei replied.

This Aroldis kid is a bad ass.  24 year-old MLB pitcher with a flamethrower for an arm who also moonlights as a Formula 1 driver, Cuban government pawn in a human trafficking case & stripper entertainer extraordinaire.  This Claudia bitch is in deep shit.  You better hope the cops lock you up for this blatantly obvious inside job.  Otherwise, Aroldis is gonna have to handle this himself.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire – and I’m not talking about his fastball or his K rate.  Any kid getting down like this under the thumb of the Cuban government is clearly capable of having a random Colombian stripper’s head removed.  Adios, sugar tits.


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