Video of Johan’s No-No From The Stands

Posted: June 2 @ 2:00pm by scrody in Bolivian
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Ok, this isn’t exactly breaking news anymore. But for all of you who were watching at home – or checking the box score on your phone while stuck at a wedding – here’s what it felt like in section 129. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m the best ticket buyer ever. I’ve got A-Rod’s 500th, Sheffield’s 500th and now the first no-hitter in Mets history under my belt. I’m like a stub hub psychic. If anyone wants to see a piece of history of their favorite team, I’d be happy to buy some tickets for you… for a reasonable fee.

PS – I know, I know… get my finger out of the way.

  1. steveo says:

    Real dick move circling the Beltran foul ball at the end of video! But hey, the human element is alive and well in baseball!

    I’m glad I got to be at the NY Mets first no-no and that can’t be ruined!

    Ps- Did you actually see A-Rod’s 500th?

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