Dude Arrested For Taking His Money Back From A Shitty Stripper

Posted: June 5 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Sun Sentinel]  While at Pandora’s Box, a strip joint in Palmetto, Trevor Jessup and a stripper went into a VIP room for a reportedly “consensual encounter,” according to an arrest affidavit from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. But when the performance was over the stripper told deputies she saw Jessup reach into her purse and pull out some cash, according to the report. When the stripper yelled for help, a bouncer responded and held Jessup until authorities arrived at the club. Jessup told deputies that he had paid for a sexual favor and was not pleased with the performance, the record states. He also told deputies that the stripper thought the money was a tip, the affidavit states. Deputies found $55 inside Jessup’s pant pocket. He was charged with PETIT THEFT 1ST OFFENSE.

Well I hope management at Pandora’s Box learns something from this. The old saying of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” just got shit on & the Box boss needs to handle this quickly.  Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – is more certain to keep your titty bar empty than a reputation of lifeless sluts on the pole.  Listen, Cherry, I know your life isn’t a bowl of cher…yeah, that’s not funny.  Life as a single mom whose version of “overtime at the office” is throwing a handy to the Trevor Jessups of the world probably isn’t where you thought you’d be when you dreamed of being a grown up.  But you know what?  I’m not exactly crushing life, either.  You think I’d be at Pandora’s Box if I had chicks on speed dial?  No.  I’m here because I can’t handle another rejection & have actually grown bored with my masturbatory skills.  So I didn’t eat lunch at work all week just so I could drop $50 for a dong-diddling at the Box.  Thing is, I’m not paying for you to simply aide me in blowing a load – I’m paying for you to pretend to enjoy it.  So you better moan and salivate while you call me Big Daddy or I’ll be sifting through the eight-balls & rubbers in your purse for my money back.  “Service with a smile” applies to you too, whore.


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