Check Out The Guy Who Brought A Knife & Gun To A Fist Fight

Posted: June 6 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian

[MLive]  Authorities have arraigned 39-year-old Christopher Lewis Finney Jr. on multiple felony charges after a Sunday fight at the Sidney Tavern in which Finney allegedly brandished a knife and pistol. Finney was arraigned Monday in Montcalm County’s 64B District Court in Stanton for assault with a handgun, assault with a knife and using a firearm in commission of a felony, records show. The first two charges are four-year felonies, and the third a two-year felony, the Greenville Daily News reported. Finney also had warrants outstanding against him before the crime. Jail records show Finney, a township resident, bonded out of the Montcalm County Jail after being lodged there pending arraignment on the charges. Finney was arrested after Montcalm County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the corner of Sidney and Derby roads around 2:15 a.m. Sunday, authorities said. The Daily News reported Finney brandished a three-inch folding knife during the initial fray, and at one point left the tavern to retrieve a .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol from home. Finney put the gun down at one point to begin fighting, and the weapon was grabbed by a bystander, the News reported. A number of people then reportedly assailed Finney. The fight was over when sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene, police said.

“You look like you had the shit kicked out of you.”

“Yeah? Imagine how the other guy looks.”

“I imagine a guy completely unharmed with badly bruised knuckles.”

My buddy Kevin always told me “nothing good happens after 2am”.  I submit exhibit #2347567023496, and the Sidney Tavern is at least partially to blame.  I’d like to think, without a night of drinking his face off, Chris Finney wouldn’t have thought it a good idea to take on the entire bar with the strategy of putting his gun down & not using his knife but rather his orbital sockets to block fists coming from every direction…before beating the shit out of everyone.  Oh, you don’t think he won?  I beg to differ. The last time I saw a face like that was Rocky II & Balboa was holding up the championship belt yelling “Yo Adrian, I did it!”  Maybe if the bartender cut this one-man wrecking machine off, he’d have maintained his restraint and not single-handedly pummeled Sidney Tavern’s entire customer base. Finney didn’t flash the blade & pistol to use them – that was his last-ditch effort to scare everyone off before the whiskey took over & he had to go all Chuck Norris up in the joint.  You’re gonna take a few shots in the process.


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