Dude Keeps Stealing & Returning The Same Car

Posted: June 6 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[CBS]  Police in New Jersey are looking for a thief with an unusual mode of operation, he has allegedly been stealing and returning the same car. CBS 2′s Emily Smith spoke with residents of Lauren Court, in Manalapan, where the average home costs almost one-million dollars, they said that in both incidents of theft the car was stolen and returned during daylight hours. One man’s home has been hit three times in one month. He told CBS 2 that a criminal stole his black Chrysler 300 out of his locked garage twice in May. When the thief came back a third time the man met him at the door, but the thief made a hasty escape. “I confronted him face-to-face, closer than I am with you now. I told him ‘son you’re wrong for what you’ve done’, he was pleading with me to please let him go,” the man said. Police put together a sketch of the man, believed to be in his twenties with short-cropped, brown hair. The first time that their house was hit, the victims had left the keys inside the car. On the second occasion the thief entered the house through the driveway, and took the keys, and three-hundred dollars, according to police. Manalapan Police said that the thief’s behavior is anything but normal. “This is not your typical car theft. Usually the thieves don’t return the property. They usually take it and do what they will with it,” said Lieutenant Mike Fountain. Investigators are telling residents in Manalapan to start locking up.

Man, if this isn’t a sign of the hard economic times, I don’t know what is – but kudos to the thief for adapting.  Stealing a car nowadays is like getting a “free” one from Oprah.  Only difference is, instead of having to pay a few grand in taxes on your gift from the big O, you gotta pay for gas to keep your stolen wheels moving.  The dollar amounts are about the same though with fuel prices where they are – I think it costs like $3,250 to fill up a Chrysler 300.  So some people might think this klepto is a retard, but I’d rather call him an idiot savant.  Nothing like taking advantage of some rich dipshit with unlocked doors and a soft spot for the young criminal.  Keep swiping his whip, joyride the fuck out of it and, when the gas light comes on, simply return it to Manalapalacallahan for the owner to fill up.  Rinse and repeat.  Stupid?  Not at all.  It’s called financially responsible.  Dude’s doing more to shaft the 1% than all the bums at OWS, that’s fo’ sho’.


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