Chaperones Of Camping Trip In Trouble For Offering Kids “Chocolate-Covered Almonds”

Posted: June 7 @ 12:30pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Winnipeg Free Press]  All three teachers supervising a Walter Whyte School canoe trip were aware a student was about to put moose feces in her mouth, Lord Selkirk School Division superintendent Scott Kwasnitza said Wednesday. The Grade 8 girl did so, getting it stuck in her braces and then vomiting, said her mother. At least two children had moose droppings in their mouths. By the time the second child did so, all three teachers were aware of what was happening, Kwasnitza said, adding both children were seen by a doctor. Parents are outraged the three teachers and two parent volunteers from the Grand Marais school did nothing to stop the so-called joke perpetrated by a third non-teacher adult supervisor, and did not step forward to report the incident at the end of the trip. “We’re all in shock that these five adults stood there and let this happen,” said Karen Eyolfson, whose son was the first tricked into putting the moose feces in his mouth under the guise it was chocolate-covered almonds. Eyolfson’s son talked about the incident that night, and her husband was at the school the following Monday getting the story from the principal. Kwasnitza became involved shortly thereafter, and an apology from the principal was finally offered, Eyolfson said. “I’ve been holding my son out of school,” Eyolfson said. “He won’t be returning to Walter Whyte School in the fall if it’s under the same leadership.” The second victim won’t be back at the school in the fall, said her mother, who asked not to be named. Her daughter and a friend came to the campfire after Eyolfson’s son had already run to the river to wash out his mouth. “They were approached by (the adult supervisor) as well, and were offered to try chocolate-covered almonds,” said the girl’s mother. Parents reported some adults and other children laughed as the kids were victimized, and alleged adults ordered the kids not to say anything about what had happened.

Well, my tune surely changed after I Googled “moose poop”.  That shit looks just like chocolate-covered almonds fo’ sho’.  My first instinct was to call the chick picking turds out of her braces an idiot – but now I’m just happy I wasn’t on this field trip to be offered a handful.  I assumed after reading that it’d be blatantly obvious to anyone they were about to snack on a moose deuce.  Nope.  After catching a glimpse of their smooth, chocolaty appearance I wouldn’t be surprised to know these nugs smell like chocolate & almonds too.  So yeah, it sucks these kids got duped into tossing animal asshole excrement down their throats but it’s really not that big a deal.  I guarantee a few of those laughing motherfuckers sneakily scarfed some down themselves and just played it cool.  Hell, if I was walking through the forest and saw a pile like in the picture, me and my shit-eating grin would think it’s my lucky day.


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