Check Out This Mom Putting PCP In Her 6 Year-Old’s School Lunch

Posted: June 13 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian

[Examiner]  A Texas mom is facing child endangerment charges after she allegedly sent her 6-year-old daughter to school with a lunchbox packed with PCP. Torina Ann Gutierrez, 34, was arrested on Friday after a Travis County arrest affidavit indicated that the mother placed hallucinogenic drugs in her daughter’s lunch box last May. The girl reportedly heard “banging in her head” and was talking to people who weren’t there while in her first-grade classroom on May 4th. Noticing something wrong, school officials at Del Valle Popham Elementary School contacted the first-grader’s mother, who reportedly told school officials, “Don’t call EMS, and don’t call CPS, I’m on my way.” According to reports, Gutierrez took her young daughter home and called EMS, which tested the young girl for PCP (phencyclidine). The little girl tested positive for the hallucinogenic drug. The mother also tested, prompting Child Protective Services to come in and remove the girl from the home. The little girl reportedly told CPS officials that the meat on the sandwich her mother made for her lunch tasted like “fireworks.” The affidavit also states that the girl referred to the drug as “angel dust.” Gutierrez has been arrested for child endangerment and her six-year-old has been turned over to family members.

It’s a sad, sad day when you got moms like Torina spiking their innocent child’s bologna sandwich with PCP & shipping them off to school.  Anyone who knows anything knows that, if you’re gonna get your 6 year-old daughter dusted, you keep that kid home for your own entertainment.  Grab your Flip camera & record her reaction when she calls you to come upstairs and you’re all nonchalant in your Cookie Monster costume.  Crank circus music throughout the house, tie a carrot to your dog’s head and randomly toss snap poppers in her general vicinity.  Could’ve had a field day making the most viral YouTube video since Dick In A Box.  Getting her fucked up to sit in kindergarten with a mouth full of fireworks and a construction crew in her head while shooting the shit with her hallucinations is doing it wrong.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re a fucking moron !!!

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