Top Health Official In Canada Looking To Legalize Pure Ecstasy

Posted: June 14 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[The Star]  B.C.’s top health official says taking pure ecstasy can be “safe” when consumed responsibly by adults, despite warnings by police in Alberta and British Columbia about the dangers of the street drug after a rash of deaths. Dr. Perry Kendall asserts the risks of MDMA — the pure substance originally synonymous with ecstasy — are overblown, and that its lethal dangers only arise when the man-made chemical is polluted by money-hungry gangs who cook it up. That’s why the chief provincial health officer is advocating MDMA be legalized and sold through licensed, government-run stores where the product is strictly regulated from assembly line to check-out. Just like the growing chorus for marijuana legalization, Kendall believes crushing the dirty ecstasy-saturated black market and its associated violence requires an evidence-based strategy that revolves around public health. “(If) you knew what a safe dosage was, you might be able to buy ecstasy like you could buy alcohol from a government-regulated store,” Kendall said in an interview. He posits that usage rates would decrease. Kendall was asked whether ecstasy, after further study around correct dosage and in a setting involving strict controls, could be safe. “Absolutely,” he responded. “We accept the fact that alcohol, which is inherently dangerous, is a product over a certain age that anybody can access. So I don’t think the issue is a technical one of how we would manage that. The issue is a political, perceptual one.”

Hey Dr. Perry Kendall, how about you shut the fuck up?  Listen, I’ve had my experiences with virtually every drug out there and, although I can only remember one bad time out of 21948271 dropping X, I sure as shit don’t want to live in a world where everyone’s rolling their faces off.  I can handle drunkenness, and I’m all for legalizing the sticky-icky.  No benefit to my old ass anymore, but for those who like to puff, snack and chill I got no problem with you blazing in the streets.  But legal PURE ecstasy sold in stores?  No fucking thanks.  I’m no Walter White so I don’t know exactly which chemicals in E-bombs trigger what reactions – but I’m willing to bet untainted pills straight out of the pharmacy aren’t to be fucked with.  I don’t want to be surrounded by zombies with pupils the size of pancakes and Kool-Aid smiles trying to rub their faces on my mesh shorts because it feeeeeeelllllssss sooooooooooo goooooooooooddddddd.  I’m emptying my coke stash to draw the fucking line.


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