Elementary School Voting On Whether Or Not Teachers Can Dress Like Sluts

Posted: June 15 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[AZ Central]  Teachers in the Litchfield Elementary School District may soon need new clothes, hairstyles, jewelry and shoes as board members consider a policy that touts modesty and professional appearance in the classroom. On Tuesday, board members said the district doesn’t have professional dress guidelines other than a general policy asking employees to dress professionally. Board member Sara Griffin said vague rules make it awkward for administrators to attempt discipline when an employee wears clothing or accessories that are deemed inappropriate. The recommended policy would prohibit rubber-sole flip-flops, visible undergarments, any visible cleavage, bare midriffs, clothes that are deemed too tight, too loose or transparent, bare shoulders, short skirts and exercise pants. Men would be required to wear shirts with a collar at all times, except under circumstances such as school spirit days.

Holy moly.  Seriously, basically everything they are recommending to put the kibosh on for broads is featured in the first Google result for “sexy teacher”.  Is this what’s going on at Litchfield Elementary?  I mean this place is so jam-packed with hot sluts on the faculty that they need to specify whale tails & visible titty meat as no-no’s?  Chicks are churning out the alphabet & teaching cursive with yoga pants & half-shirts?  If I’m a dude on this staff, this policy couldn’t be passed fast enough.  I mean 8 year-olds have no idea Ms. Jones is dolled up as a whore – but the men will be the ones confronted with having to explain their boners.  I don’t know of any kid-friendly explanation for why my dong trying to break through my khakis just knocked Timmy’s pencil out of his hand while working on his fractions ditto because Ms. Jones is slowly devouring an apple with the juice trickling between her cans while finger-smashing herself across the hall under a skirt that barely covers her butt cheeks.  Do you?


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