Here’s Your Typical Yankees Fan

Posted: June 22 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Fox Phoenix]  A man who admitted to shooting and wounding another man has also told police he has “robbed many people.” Mesa Police responded to the area of 1800 E Covina last Thursday night. A male victim had been shot in his lower back. A witness identified the shooter as 21-year-old Carlos Benito Sturgus. The witness knew the suspect by his nickname and his very distinctive tattoos. The witness said the suspect shot the victim after they got into an argument. The victim fired back and during the exchange of gunfire the victim was hit, according to the police report. Sturgus was located and arrested on Tuesday. He was taken into custody while in possession of a firearm. Police say Sturgus admitted to shooting at the victim because the other male threatened his life. He also allegedly admitted having a shootout with another person in an apartment complex was reckless and stated he did not mean for the victim to be hit by the gunfire. Sturgus is a convicted felon and is not allowed to carry a gun. He told detectives he still carries it because he has “robbed many people” and “many people want to kill him.” He was last arrested in May for misconduct involving weapons for carrying a different gun. Police are asking he be held without bond. Sturgus was booked into jail on charges including aggravated assault, prohibited possessor, and endangerment. The victim is expected to live.

Well you’re not gonna find a better representatives of the Yankees and their fan base than Carlos Sturgus.  Just a bunch of convicted felons celebrating their Yankee pride by looking as douchey as possible.  Careless, evil bastards who are too pussy to fight and, instead, rob & shoot their victims before shrugging their shoulders with a “my bad, didn’t mean it” arrogance.  Ignoring all the rules repeatedly for their own personal gain.  That’s why, if you’re not rooting for the Mets this weekend, you’re doing it wrong.  Stop acting like a lowlife felon.

Let’s Go Mets!


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