Mom In No Trouble After Abandoning Retarded Daughter At A Bar

Posted: July 11 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Knox News]  No charges are expected against an Illinois woman who authorities say abandoned her 19-year-old special-needs daughter at a Campbell County bar last month. Eva Cameron of Algonquin, Ill., voluntarily returned Tuesday to Caryville to give police a statement regarding how she left her daughter at a bar and drove away, according to Caryville Assistant Police Chief Stephanie Smith. Also Tuesday, the abandoned young woman appeared in a Campbell County courtroom for officials to decide her custody. According to the Circuit Court Clerk’s office, the teenager’s case was handled as a juvenile matter and as a result the outcome was confidential by law. “She (the mother) let her out to use the bathroom and drove away,” Smith said Tuesday. “She said she just couldn’t handle her anymore.” Lynn Cameron entered the Big Orange Bar the night of June 28. Because of her diminished mental abilities, the teen was unable to provide her name or address and did not exhibit any signs of distress that her mother was gone. Eva Cameron left her daughter with no money, no identification and no extra clothing. Smith said a videotape from a nearby business showed Eva Cameron driving up to the bar in a late 1990s green Chevrolet Blazer and drove away when her daughter entered the bar. On Sunday, police got a tip that provided information about the woman. Smith spoke with law enforcement officers in Algonquin, Ill., and discovered Cameron’s name. Although Lynn Cameron has the mental capacity of a 2-year-old, her mother did not have legal guardianship over her adult daughter, said Campbell County Assistant District Attorney General Scarlett Ellis. Regardless, criminal charges still are not applicable in the case, the prosecutor said. “There’s been no allegations that Lynn has suffered any physical injuries or irreparable harm,” Ellis said. “While it may not be a good moral decision … I guess you don’t have to keep your adult daughter if you don’t want to.” Eva Cameron left Caryville after being interviewed by Smith and said she was returning to Illinois. Her daughter remained in Tennessee. “She said she was going to put it behind her,” Smith said.

Can someone give Eva a plaque or medal or something?  I can’t imagine anything worse than raising an infant for 19 straight years.  Almost 2 straight decades of what’s basically 24/7 slave labor.  Fuck that noise.  I almost cracked a couple times while my 2 puppies were learning not to piss & shit in the house. That was just a couple months.  19 years of absolutely zero human progression would not fly with me.  I seriously want to punch this chick square in her overbite already and that’s just by looking at a picture. I say that, not just because her retarded face is stupid, but to echo the thoughts of almost everyone else on Earth who’s not a god damn saint like Eva Cameron here.  Almost every other parent would’ve snapped and turned this into a horror story where a special-needs kid was forced to live in a kitchen cabinet or on a leash in the basement.  Not Eva.  She stuck with her daughter up until adulthood and dropped her off at the Big Orange Bar to embark on her next life chapter, just like mom.  Find some drunk dude to plow you against the dumpster behind the bar, get knocked up and live happily ever after.  It’s not mom’s fault Lynn can’t get laid.


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