27 Year-Old Broad Stabs 72 Year-Old Husband After He Confronts Her For Cheating

Posted: July 13 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Daytona Beach]  A Deltona man confronted his wife about her cheating and was stabbed in the arm with a kitchen knife, investigating deputies said. Maciej Nowicki, 72, suffered a 3/4-inch puncture in his left forearm. His wife, Brygida Sheffler, 27, of Poland, a waitress at the Deltona Inn, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a person older than 65. Deputies arriving at the Old Titusville Road home in Deltona found Nowicki with a large amount of blood pouring out of the wound on his forearm. Nowicki told deputies he learned Sheffler was cheating on him with another man for about a year and confronted her Saturday at 10:18 a.m. as they stood in the kitchen, the report states. An argument broke out and Scheffler grabbed a 6-inch kitchen knife. She lunged at the elderly man. Nowicki raised his left arm to fend off the attack and got stuck with the knife. He had to grab a golf club to defend himself, investigating deputies said. Scheffler told Nowicki that if he called the police, it would be the last thing he would do as her friends from the bar would come and “do him in,” according to sheriff’s deputies.  Blood was on the knife as well as a small amount of flesh was found on its tip, investigators said. Reached by telephone Monday afternoon, Scheffler said she will not talk about what happened between her and Nowicki but said nothing is true. “Everything that the man said and all the charges they put on me are false,” Scheffler said. Nowicki declined to comment saying, “I don’t want to be famous.”

I know what you’re thinking.  “Women…am I right?”  Not this time.  Despite what you may think, I’m not a female basher in the least.  I’m not gonna take whatever angle I need to just for another opportunity to make fun of broads.  Those chances are plentiful without me forcing the issue.  I simply speak the truth.  And the truth of the matter in this instance is sometimes you gotta know when you got it great.  My man Maciej lost his perspective.  Dude you got a foreign wife 45 years your junior.  She came off the boat and tied the knot with you and your wrinkly balls to maintain her green card.  Sure, she could use an Oxy pad but all in all this is a pretty solid score for your run-of-the-mill grandpa.  If she’s letting everyone at the Deltona Inn lay the pipe in her Polish poontang, who gives a flying fuck? At 72 years old most of us would be content with the opportunity to pop a Cialis & beat off in the corner to a 20-something blonde showering in our bathroom.  You probably get to put your elderly dick in her every now and then.  Whatever else she does with her free time should be of no consequence to a man as fortunate as yourself, pal.  Open your eyes.  There’s a shit-ton of old dudes who would jump at the chance to marry a foreign slut half their age and not whine when she’s out getting young kielbasa. If you wanna cry like a little bitch about it, then you deserve to get stabbed right in your cataracts.


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