Better Hope This Firestarter Doesn’t Move To Your Town

Posted: July 13 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[KTVB]  Idaho State Police say a Subaru was passing a Jeep when the Subaru’s driver had a mechanical problem, lost control, clipped the Jeep and went off the interstate. Bureau of Land Mangement says the accident sparked a wildfire which would burn a total of about 2,000 acres. They declared that fire controlled Wednesday night. But the chain reaction of events didn’t end there. The driver of the Subaru that started a wildfire on Interstate 84 tells KTVB how it all happened. Krista McCann was living in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area when she evacuated due to the Waldo Canyon Fire. On her drive to Ontario to surprise her dad, she didn’t make it past milemarker 66 on I-84 when her car started a wildfire. “This is everything I own now,” said McCann as she showed us the few possessions from inside her purse. At the age of 19, she’s escaped two fires. McCann lived in the same house in Colorado Springs since she was nine. When the Waldo Canyon fire neared her neighborhood, she decided to leave. “I was afraid that something might happen, or the wind might change in Colorado and my house would be in danger again.” She loaded up her car with all the things she hoped to save from the Colorado wildfires, like her mom’s wedding dress. “I just couldn’t go straight anymore and I ended up clipping the car next to me.” McCann said she lost control of her car, and drove off the road. She grabbed her purse as her car burned. Everything she owned went up in flames. “The adrenaline was going through me for a while, but after that started to fade it hit me pretty hard,” said McCann. After running from the wildfire in Colorado Springs, she watched her car start a wildfire off the interstate. “This is a chance to start completely over. I have nothing. So I’ll start with a new wardrobe and a new car, and a new state of mind. And I’ll just move forward.” McCann wants to move to a new city and create something beautiful.

Hey did anyone think to question this pyrokinetic bitch about the origin of the Colorado wildfires? How’s that saying go?  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire?  Well apparently where there’s fire, there’s Krista McCann.  Straight outta that old school Drew Barrymore flick “Firestarter”.  Listen, if you find someone standing over a random corpse in Idaho while shrugging their shoulders and they tell you that, coincidentally, they were leaving Colorado because they were tired of standing over random corpses – yeah, not hard to connect those dots.  Or if you tell a football coach to stop showering with little boys because it kinda seems like he’s blasting their buttholes and he continues to get caught showering with little boys, you don’t need to be one of the Hardy Boys to crack that case.  I don’t know where this vagabond is headed next, but obviously “moving to a new city & creating something beautiful” is code for “arson”.


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