Chicks Suing Their Female Boss For Her Insatiable Ass Appetite

Posted: July 13 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian

[NY Post]  All she needs are work boots and a hardhat! A female manager at a Long Island-based national women’s organization was a catcalling, butt-slapping, lecherous boss from hell who propositioned the women she supervised and drove them out of the company, a new complaint says. Krissy DeMonte — who appears in a Facebook photo playfully shoving another woman’s face into her breasts — allegedly unleashed her frisky fury at the National Association of Professional Women in Garden City between September 2010 and March 2012. The company was created to empower women — but only DeMonte wielded the power within its walls, according to legal papers. On a daily basis, DeMonte would slap the backsides of Monique McCabe and her colleagues and call them names like “vixen,” “cutie” and “hottie” — as well as “bitch,” “a–hole” and “dirtbag.” “She’d say you’re hot, you’re sexy, no wonder why all the guys love you,” McCabe told The Post. “I was extremely humiliated. I felt disempowered. I didn’t know what to do. I felt lost.” Colleague Crystal Alexander said she suffered similar abuse. “She would pass my desk, and while I was standing up she would smack me on my behind, grab my butt and pinch me as well,” Alexander said. “I think she’s obsessed with butts. It is very peculiar.” McCabe and Alexander complained to the company’s human-resources department. When word got back to DeMonte, McCabe said, the supervisor became hostile and retaliated by writing them up for frivolous acts. Months later, McCabe was fired, according to the lawsuit against the organization, which was filed by their lawyers Michael Borrelli and Alexander Coleman. The paperwork includes the provocative photo of DeMonte. “What they claim to do is to empower women, mentor them and help them succeed and reach their goals,” McCabe said. “But as an employee, I was treated entirely differently, being treated like a sex object, being spoken to like that when you’re trying to earn a living. That’s not exactly empowering women and helping them succeed. They are not practicing what they preach.”

Earth to these two dumb cunts:  you work at National Association of Professional Women.  Anyone who knows anything knows that’s dyke-central.  By accepting your paycheck, you’re also entering an agreement granting your boss, aka Queen Dyke, to pinch a cheek or chow the beav.  That’s just how women-only clubs work.  Not only is Krissy making Sir Mix-A-Lot proud with her “peculiar butt obsession”, but she’s leading by example and showing what being an empowered woman is all about. You think she just jumped right into the NAPW harrassing chicks all willy-nilly?  No chance.  She earned it.  She was once a vixen bitch dirtbag subjected to surprise office fingerbangs too, but put in her time to ascend to a position that reversed the roles.  Sorry to Crystal & Monique but there’s no fast-track. It’s the same as any other office environment – if you’re not willing to pay your dues in the mail room you’ll never be fully prepared to lead.  It’s not Krissy’s fault you bitches don’t have what it takes, but I’m sure there’s plenty of eager chicks ready to take their place & have their asses palmed in the workplace like all young women need to in the name of professional success.

P.S. – “I felt disempowered” is something that only comes out the mouth of a cunt with an agenda. Nobody talks like that.

  1. BAJC says:

    Only when their lawyer tells them to talk like that. However, I work at the NAPW, and Krissy deMonte is nothing like the villain depicted here. While the NY Post – which broke this story – covered itself from libel by noting that the photo was from Facebook, the implication that it was at a work event is plain – and utterly misleading and malicious. Moreover, the woman with Ms. DeMonte is a married mother who has been her best friend since childhood. Not only that but the photo was taken in the upstate town where she is a police officer. What a scandal it must have been! Not. But don’t let anything as inconvenient as a fact stop the use of this photo for added salaciousness.

    I am not a company Kool-Aid drinker by any means, and while Krissy might not be a conventional boss – she is a warm and spontaneous person, who deeply cares about the people with whom she works and has no problem showing it – her behavior is as far from sexual harassment as you can get. As someone who actually experienced sexual harassment, I can certainly tell the difference between someone interacting to support and encourage subordinates and someone who is intimidating them with an implied threat of negative consequences for not reciprocating or objecting to the manner of interaction. I worked with both Monique and Crystal and liked them both. I can sympathize with their anger and resentment over being terminated, but taking advantage of an overly politically correct society which seems to encourage victimhood rather than responsibility for one’s behavior in order to exact vengeance is cynical and immoral. As single mothers this is the worst possible example to set for their children, particularly girls.

    They were fired for cause; for not following company policy, and were advised several times to comply or suffer the consequences. Worse, the one person who probably went to bat for them when they were in trouble was probably Kris de Monte – and it was NOT because she thought they were “hot”. I am really sad that they are so selfish that they choose to destroy other people in order to make themselves feel better. Even more disappointing is the fact that there are so many true victims of sexual harassment who truly do have to tolerate molestation and threats or else they lose their livelihood and in some cases, their health or lives, whose credibility is eroded thanks to cases of disgruntled and vindictive people who get fired due to their own behavior, not that of a boss.

    • Cracker says:

      Hey sweetie, that’s a cool story. And I don’t disagree with you that these chicks probably exaggerated some details of Kinky Krissy’s office antics. Bitches can be spiteful and vindictive when things don’t go their way…but you know what? Male employers have been dealing with shit like this for years. Walking on eggshells around overly sensitive broads they have to fire due to their incompetence because, just one accusation of harassment can ruin a guy’s career. So welcome to the club! You’re one sexual harassment lawsuit closer to real equality.

      PS – Tits or gtfo

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok so the fact that men have had to deal with this for a while makes what Chrissy is going through ok? That makes a lot of sense! Sorry for any man that had to endure this but I’m extremely sorry for Chrissy! I worked with her and she was an amazing manager! She motivated us and went to bat for all of us all the time! I personally worked with Monique and know that she is a phony! The girl is too stuck up and full of her self to feel diswnpowered! Give me a break! Anyone that knows her knows Monique didn’t utter a word of these feelings till after she got fired! I don’t know crystal so I can’t speak much of her but I’m sure she’s just hopping on the Monique ban wagon! Monique is not a good person and even if they win this suit they will get theirs for putting Chrissy through this…. Shame on them! Karma is a b@$tch

  2. JLMNMM;) says:

    Monique McCabe is white trash…she is a home wrecking whore and goes after married men constantly! Her daughters father was married when she got knocked up and then she started sleeping with a married man with 2 kids recently…she will do anything to get what sge wants and that includes stooping this low, that girl will burn in hell!

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