Broad Gets Her Windshield Impaled By A Bunch Of 27-Foot Long Teepee Poles

Posted: July 16 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Daily Mail]  Highway patrol officers in Washington say a female driver is lucky to be alive after ramming her car into a trailer filled with long wooden teepee poles. The poles smashed through the front windscreen, completely pierced through the car and smashed through the rear windscreen as well. No details have been released about the driver involved, other than the fact that she was taken to hospital with a number of injuries. Miraculously, though, none of the injuries were considered life-threatening. A couple driving a station wagon was transporting the teepee poles – used to make the classic American Indian conical tents – when they slowed down because a truck was turning off the Mount Baker Highway into Everson Goshen Road near Deming around 10am yesterday. The 27ft-long poles were securely fastened to a trailer and, according to troopers, were well marked. It is unclear at this stage why the woman, driving a Toyota Camry behind the trailer, failed to slow down. The Camry smashed into the back of the trailer and the overhanging poles went through its windshield and out the rear window. Officers noted that the rear-view mirror of the Camry was left hanging from the end of the poles. The driver was the only person injured in the accident, and was taken to St Joseph’s Hospital in Bellingham for treatment. So far, she cannot help police with their inquiries because she cannot remember the accident. The driver of the station wagon told police he was travelling around 25mph at the time of the incident.

On the surface, this seems like another classic example of why the first presidential candidate who promotes a ban of women drivers on his platform will be the first to garner 100% of the male voting contingency.  Au contraire.  Don’t get me wrong, I would undoubtedly register to vote for that American hero, but I’m not gonna knock the chick for being a chick in this instance.  While I’m sure she side-swiped a car or two in a parking lot & undoubtedly swerved in traffic while texting en route, crashing into a trailer of teepee poles and almost skewering your dome isn’t her fault.  I might have done the same thing, to be honest.  “Wait…what the fuck…are those…who the fuck is building a teepee?”  SMASH.  Sorry, fellas, but you gotta admit if you’re driving behind Tatanka & Pocohantas with their headresses poking out the windows of a station wagon towing teepee lumber, it might take you some time to soak it all in before remembering to apply the brakes.


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