Dude Gets Knocked Out For Buying His Buddy The Wrong Beer

Posted: July 17 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Morning Call]  A young Heidelberg Township man on Monday admitted knocking out a friend at a house party in January after the victim, who suffered a skull fracture and brain bleeding, arrived with the wrong kind of beer. Jeremy J. Kegarise, 19, pleaded guilty to simple assault, a misdemeanor that carries up to two years in prison. In return for the plea, felony aggravated assault and summary harassment were dropped. Kegarise had given Antonio M. Inzillo, 21, of New Tripoli, $15 to buy beer and wasn’t happy when Inzillo came back with the wrong kind, according to testimony. Inzillo was asked to buy it because Kegarise is under age. “What type of beer did he buy?” asked Judge James T. Anthony, as Kegarise smiled and looked downward. “He bought Yuengling (lager); he was supposed to buy light beer, judge,” responded Kegarise’s attorney, public defender John Baurkot. Authorities said Kegarise and Inzillo had been drinking. Kegarise said he had broken up two fights Inzillo had been involved with days before his fight with Inzillo. Kegarise acknowledged the fight started over beer and said it escalated when the two called each other names. Police say the two argued inside the house — owned by the parents of Kegarise’s friends — and pushed and shoved each other. Inzillo began walking outside to his vehicle, but Kegarise followed him and continued yelling at him, police said. Inzillo said he was hit in the back of the head and turned around to see Kegarise. Inzillo said Kegarise grabbed his shirt and the two men began fighting. Kegarise punched Inzillo in the left side of his face and Inzillo went unconscious. His head hit the street, according to testimony, causing the fracture and a concussion. Witnesses said Kegarise went back into the house and bragged, saying, “One hit and he was done.”

Tough call on right or wrong here.  I mean on one hand, if you can’t buy your own beer you should be delighted when a buddy makes a run for you & comes back with anything alcoholic.  On the other hand, when you got a friend with battering rams for fists and a reputation for throwing them all willy-nilly, it’s probably in your best interest to get his order right.  I think I’m gonna have to side with Jeremy, aka “One-Hit Wonder”.  Sure, anyone who cries about Yuengling is an asshole – that’s my hands-down #1. Surprise me with a 12er of the Ying and be prepared for the bro-est of bro hugs.  But he’s your friend, Antonio.  You KNOW he’s an asshole.  That’s the danger of having a maniac in your crew.  I know because I was that guy.

90% of the time, if you’re my friend, it’s pretty awesome.  You get to laugh your balls off while I’m standing on a stool at Sutton’s Place challenging the entire bar to a fight.  You piss yourself because I just tried to literally run through a store front window at 4am because I wanted the Giants playoff gear behind it.  Hilarity ensues when I throw my beer at the manager of Scores because he was wearing a tuxedo without a bow tie and for some reason that infuriated me.  If an actual midget wants to fight you, I’ll tell you “I got this” and put Webster on his ass.  But that’s the same instability that could get you stabbed in the leg with a steak knife on my couch or jabbed in the eye because you tried to calm me down.  I’m not saying it’s right, but if a ticking time bomb asks for Miller 64 like a pussy then keep your cranium intact, get him his Miller 64 and watch that meathead bully everyone else the rest of the night. Not a bright move to publicly try and man-up a dude that can break your face.

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