No Better Way To Make Sure The Gun You’re Selling Works Than Shooting Yourself In The Dick

Posted: July 17 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian

[News OK]  A felon was jailed after he told police he shot himself in the genitals while preparing a gun for sale. Police were called at 9 a.m. Saturday to the emergency room at Southwest Medical Center, 4401 S Western Ave., where officers found the bleeding man. He told police he bought a gun on the street in Kansas and had planned to sell it in a convenience store parking lot near SE 44 and Shields Boulevard. On the way there, he pulled over to make sure the gun functioned properly. The gun went off while he was in his car in a parking lot near SE 15 and Interstate 35. He panicked and drove himself to the hospital, he told police. Police arrested the man at the hospital after he was medically cleared. Tavares Donnell Colbert, 36, was arrested on a complaint of possession of a firearm. Colbert is a felon with convictions including a 2003 charge for possession of a controlled and dangerous substance with intent to distribute, according to police.

Oh come on.  Isn’t sniping off your mushroom tip punishment enough?  Fuck no it’s not.  There’s no more irresponsible handgun mishap possible.  It’s acceptable to mistakenly shoot out your passenger window.  Hell, shoot your passenger.  Pop off a stray into a nursery school.  Those are “accidents”. Pumping lead in your own dong though is as reckless as it gets, and any man who does so deserves to have himself & his half-cock tossed in the clink.  Tavares Colbert is a disaster of the worst kind.  What’s the golden rule in life?  Treat your dong as best you can while protecting your genitals at all costs.  Shit goes without saying.  Sometimes you beat off dryly.  Other times you don’t bag it when you’re laying the pipe to a strange chick fresh out of rehab for heroin on your buddy’s couch.  Nobody’s perfect.  But you never have your one-eyed snake staring down the barrel of a gun.  Putting your meatstick in such peril not only makes you unworthy of your love rod, but your freedom as well.


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