Santonio Holmes Is Retarded

Posted: July 18 @ 1:30pm by 610 in Bolivian

You serious, Holmes?  You’re crying over the backlash you got because you Instagramed a picture of a panhandling couple to celebrate giving them a 10 spot?  Hey I have no doubt they appreciated it and it was a nice thing to do.  Just keep it to yourself buddy.  I’m sure this crippled dude and his wife wouldn’t be thrilled to know you’ve immortalized their begging in a picture for 150,000 people to see.  But you had to do it because you wanted everyone to reply, retweet & remind you of what a great guy you are. So, basically, your charitableness is selfishness – and you know it.  Unfortunately for you, it’s pretty obvious to everyone else too.

Don’t mistake this for me saying I’m any better.  I don’t give anyone a fucking thing.  If/when I ever do, though, I’d like to think it wouldn’t be so I could tell everyone about it & inflate my self-worth.  Or at least I’d be willing to accept being called out for being a douche if it was.


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