80 Year Old Broad Fights Robbers Off With Mangoes. . .Kinda.

Posted: July 23 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[CBS]  A couple of robbers met their match on Friday in the form of an 80-year-old woman when they tried to hold up a New Bedford Market. Otilia Martins was working inside her son-in-law’s market on Sawyer Street when she saw two masked men holding up the clerk at gunpoint. Martins started pelting the men with mangoes and apples. One of the suspects responded by pistol whipping Martins before taking off. Martins’ son-in-law, Manuel Nogueira, who owns the Continental Market, was outside at the time and heard the commotion. He managed to chase down one of the suspects, identified by SouthCoastToday.com as 22-year-old Eduardo Torres-Lopez. “One of my friends came by and he helped me,” Nogueira told WBZ NewsRadio 1030′s Mark Katic. “I went to check for the other one, but he went inside an apartment.” Police found the other suspect, 24-year-old Jesse DosSantos hiding inside that apartment building, on the second floor, which is where he lives. The also recovered a .38 caliber revolver in the couch cushions. Investigators say it’s the same weapon DosSantos used in the robbery. Both men are facing a number of charges, including armed robbery. As for Martins, despite a good-sized gash in her head, she refused medical treatment.

Well I saw an article titled “Woman, 80, Throws Mangoes To Fight Off Robbers In New Bedford”.  Then I watched a video that showed “Woman, 80, Throws Mangoes At Dude Who Took All The Money Before Pistol-Whipping Her In Her Wrinkly Old Face”.  I don’t know if CBS got their mango videos mixed up, but about all this old bag’s fruit flinging accomplished was getting her forehead split.  Old Otilia’s got nothing on current senior citizen crime-fighting champ Samuel Williams and, actually, I kinda wish she died.  You can’t go around advocating fruits as an armed robbery defense mechanism when you didn’t thwart a thing.  With gun laws a hot topic right now due to the Colorado tragedy, it would’ve been great to see granny save the day with a couple of mangoes.  Proof-positive to all these NRA nutjobs that firearms aren’t a necessity and can be easily replaced with a concealed melon to maintain personal safety.  Didn’t happen.  If anything, the crook exhibited responsible gun use by smashing her in the face with the butt end instead of firing off unnecessary shots.  So relax with the “robbers met their match” bullshit.  Guy just got to punch some cunt on the way out.  Sounds like bonus points to me.


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