Before We Welcome Rick Nash, Let’s Send Off Dubi & Anisimov

Posted: July 23 @ 5:30pm by 610 in Bolivian

Gonna miss you, Dubi.  Last year was a huge disappointment.  Nothing worse than watching a player flounder after earning a big pay day.  Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if he bounces back with a solid year atop the Blue Jackets’ depth chart.  I always thought of him as Callahan-light with his PP/PK versatility. Always played tough – he’d drop the mitts with anyone from Ovechkin to the gooniest of goons – and is a proven 20+ goal scorer.  Tough break to get banished to Columbus, but, well…you understand.  

Might be my most favorite Rangers moment in recent history.  Cocky as fuck.  Really thought this was when Artem was finally gonna come into his own instead of fading back into bolivian, but it just never happened.  Maybe being the focal point of the CBJ offense turns him into the 30-goal scorer he could be.  He’s still only 24.

Good luck, fellas.  Thanks for underachieving enough to allow the Blueshirts to part ways for a stud like Nash.


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