Eli Tells Amani Toomer Comparing Him To Romo Is Like Comparing Toomer To Willie Ponder

Posted: July 23 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[NJ.com]  While I was on vacation, shutting it down as best I could, Amani Toomer said Tony Romo was better than Eli Manning. Statistically. Or something to that effect. A few folks reached out to me asking for my take on the situation, to which I pretty much said, “Do you really need me to put down this (remote control/7-iron/ice-cold beer) to add to the legions saying how dumb that statement is?” Frankly, I couldn’t have said it any better than Michael Strahan, anyway. Today, during an appearance on WFAN’s Boomer and Carton show, Manning gave what I believe was his first take on the situation. “You’ve got to laugh about it,” Manning said of offseason commentary and criticism in general before turning toward Toomer’s comments specifically. “I saw Toomer not too long ago. I just walked up to him and said, ‘You know what, I thought Ike Hilliard (was) a better Giants receiver than you were. Willie Ponder was probably a better receiver than you were.’ … You’ve got to laugh about it instead of getting upset. There’s no point. “Amani’s been a good pal of mine and still is, so you’ve got to laugh about it.” So there. Manning’s feelings aren’t hurt, just like they weren’t last year with all of the backlash to the “elite” stuff.

First of all, Willie Ponder was the fucking man in the return game a few years back.  With that being said, Eli finally came out and told it like it is.  He is to Romo just as Toomer’s Ring of Honor Giants career of almost 10,000 yards is to 8 catches for 38.  The QB position, unlike any other position in all of sports, is judged in large part on post-season success.  Rings.  Both of which Romo has had ample opportunity to attain yet has consistently failed miserably.  Just a stupid thing to say when comparing the growth and success of Eli Manning, a lot of which was done in improbable fashion with less firepower than Romo’s been surrounded with, to the orchestrator of the yearly Dallas collapse.  You want to jerk Romo off for annihilating shitty teams and running up his regular-season stats?  Go for it.  Might as well tack on any pre-season numbers and his scrimmage scores too.  Just remember, Manning’s not exactly Trent Dilfer. He’s put up legit numbers himself.  Sure, Tony might be more mobile.  Maybe Eli loses the QBR race too. What he doesn’t lose, though, is big games.  4th quarters.  Unlikely Super Bowls.  Armed with a WR tandem that rivals any other pairing in the NFL, the gap between the 2 should grow even wider this year.  Seriously, if I don’t see Eli on TMZ celebrating a repeat Super Bowl and an MVP in January singing “OK, Tony, tell me how my ass taste” I’ll be disappointed.  The 5000-yard campaign gets underway at home on September 5th against – yep, the Cowgirls.  Right in Tony Homo’s eyeball.


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