I Wish Every Chevy Volt Owner Had Seats For The Batman Premiere In Colorado

Posted: July 23 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

Of all the times in my life I’ve prefaced a sentence with “I’m not even kidding”, I mean it now more than ever.  I’m not even kidding when I ask – has there’s ever been a collection of bigger assholes crammed into 53 seconds of TV?  It’s like Chevy came up with the idea to amass the most punchable faces in America to endorse their car.  Just chock full of dorks, twinks and cunts of the highest degree stuffing their “my shit don’t stink” grillmixes right up the asses of everyone filling up once or twice a week.  How dare you put this hipster fuck stick from Brooklyn on my screen as he’s wearing a scarf with no jacket. This twat at the end though takes the cake.  Your Chevy Volt uses such little gas you forget how to pump it?  What IS that sorcery you call a “gas station”?  Don’t blame your car for making you a useless moron, Elissa.  Someone needs to give her a refresher simulation with her mouth as the tank & smash a 93-octane load in the back of her throat.  I want that ‘Joe Public’ dude from the Ford commercials to run through with a 3 wood & crack some skulls.


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