Dude Has A Stroke While Moving A Grand Piano Upstairs

Posted: July 24 @ 12:30pm by 610 in Bolivian

[NJ.com]  A 48-year-old mover suffered a stroke while moving a piano in a tight stairwell in Princeton and was trapped under the instrument, authorities said. The man, whose name was not released, was one of two movers carrying the piano at a Little Brook Road house when he suffered the stroke, said Frank Setnicky, director of the Princeton First Aid Squad, “Two movers were moving a grand piano to the second floor, and he had a medical emergency,” said Setnicky. “The other gentleman was holding the whole weight until we got there. It was quite a large piano.” Paramedics were able to lift the piano off the victim, who did not suffer any injuries related to the weight of the piano. The mover was taken to a local hospital for treatment, authorities said.

I wonder how many times his co-worker was yelling, “Lift, you pussy!” when blood took a timeout from flowing to his brain while lifting a grand piano up some stairs.  I don’t want to say there’s ever really a good time for a stroke outside of when your girlfriend has the remote – but if you were to rank from bad to worst, underneath a piano would probably be toward the latter.  That’s just a microcosm of being a mover though.  Imagine that was your job?  Seriously, you can’t even get your best friends you grew up with to help you move your shitty one-bedroom a town over.  This is including the inevitable pizza payoff at the end AND the beer supply.  Still, an hour or two of moving your piss-stained twin mattress & Xbox isn’t worth free food & drinking on the job.  You’ve never had a group of such busy friends on Moving Day.  Steve’s at a soup kitchen, Jeremy’s mom died & Kevin lost his phone but found it Monday morning – “my bad, would’ve definitely helped you out bro”.  I’m not sure there’s a reasonable salary I’d accept to move other people’s motherfucking PIANOS amongst the rest of the shit in their entire house all day, every day.  $200k?  Maybe.  That wouldn’t stop me from acknowledging a professional mover as quite possibly the worst job in the world though.  A part of this guy probably wishes the stroke just took him out and ended his miserable existence.


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