610 Is A Terrible Boss

Posted: July 25 @ 10:00am by scrody in Bolivian

So, I’m just doing some things around the house last night and happen to walk past my computer. I notice a G-Chat message from 610 that says, “I need you to edit the into bolivian part asap” with this video attached. I also had Facebook open in another tab and see this post:

Dick… maybe we should have made it our theme song when I said we should make it our theme song back in fucking November. I used the exact words, “this should be our official theme song” in a post on the site that you run. Ok, so maybe you can’t read every post. It’s not like I sent it directly to you first or any– wait… hey, would you take a look at this G-Chat from the same day:

“Whoops I should prob blog”? “WHOOPS I SHOULD PROB BLOG”?!?! I find a hilarious song, composed of quotes from our unofficial spiritual leader, which has the title of our blog in the chorus and I can’t get so much as an acknowledgment? Not a single ‘lmfao’ or even an ‘lol’. But eight months later, one of your buddies sends it to you and it’s all hands on deck trying to figure out a way to permanently feature it on the front page? Unbelievable. I’m not gonna lie, it stings a bit. I was your busiest worker bee… cranking out three posts a day while pretending to do work at my day job. I thought I was really bringing something to the table, but now I know I was just sitting at the kid’s table the whole time.


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