A Sippy Cup Has To Be The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever To Get Shot Over

Posted: July 30 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[WHIOTV]  An altercation that allegedly started over a sippy cup Saturday evening in Desoto Bass ended with a man being shot in the chest. A fight began when a pregnant resident of 69 Benning Place went to 94 Benning to get a sippy cup that she thought the neighbor had taken. A 20-year-old woman who was visiting 94 Benning said she didn’t know where it was, and a physical fight ensued and the pregnant woman allegedly scratched the the visitor. At about 11 p.m., witnesses said several people arrived in cars and joined the occupants of 69 Benning, and the group of about 35 people rushed the woman who was scratched and her friends in the front yard of 79 Benning. A witnesses said he called the police when members of the group grabbed the daughter, assaulted her and threw her against a parked car. The fight had broken up when police arrived. The woman called her 40-year-old father who was at King’s Island and he left the park to pick her up. When he arrived at about 11:45, he noticed a large group of people outside a neighboring house. Within seconds of getting out of his van, he heard gunshots and felt a searing pain in his chest. His daughter and her mother drove him to Miami Valley Hospital at about midnight with what hospital staff called a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the ride side of his chest. The man told police he didn’t see the shooter, but other witnesses told police they saw a suspect with gold teeth and short hair leave 69 Benning and fire six to nine rounds at the victim and his daughter before running behind the residence. Another witness told police that the woman who attacked the victim’s daughter had accused her of trying to take her kids or reporting her house to Children Services Bureau and that members of the gang Dayton View Hustlers frequent 69 Benning.

First things first – I have absolutely no fucking idea what I just read.  What I do know is that, if no one’s gonna take Chappelle’s advice and turn The Mad Real World into a legit TV series, then the next-best thing is to put “Benning Place” into production as the black “Melrose Place”.  You got your pilot episode right here.  I’m not sure of the longevity – it could get repetitive – but I’m DVR’ing the shit outta WB11 for the duration of this series.  Think about it.  Melrose, 90210 and all those shows kept you wanting to know what happens next.  On “Benning Place”, it’s a different method of entertainment.  You already know what happens.  Someone’s getting capped by a dude with a gold grill. The draw here is who gets shot and why.  With guaranteed ghetto violence, you don’t even have to come up with anything extraordinary.  A sippy cup sparked a fight involving a pregnant bitch that spiraled into some 40 year-old dude getting sniped by the Dayton View Hustlers in front of his baby mama & daughter.  That shit really happened.  You can’t come up with a more ridiculous plot than that, and that’s real life.  Creative license is immeasurable.  Spike Lee, holler at me.


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