Check Out This Chick “Fighting Back” Against Bullies With Her “Sick Of Bullies” Facebook Group

Posted: August 3 @ 10:00am by 610 in Bolivian

[Fox40]  Tay Windmon is “sick of bullies.” “One time, I actually got hit in the face with a thick book by another bully in my class,” she said, timidly. “Most of the time, that was the same bully that kept bullying me, kept calling me ugly and stupid. I really didn’t like it.” She just finished fifth grade, and the toughest year of her life. “I thought it was probably true, and so I would go to the bathroom a lot and cry,” Tay said. Her mom, Crystal Windmon, thought it was normal, elementary school drama, until things took a turn for the worse. “I brushed it off, told her it was going to be okay, just ignore them,” Windmon said. “But things just, though, continued to spiral out of control.” But not long after, Tay decided to fight back with social media. “I came home and I wanted to make a group because I was bored, and then I thought of [a Facebook group and made] the bullies group,” Tay said, showing a smile. This wasn’t just any Facebook group either. The “Sick of Bullies” group quickly grew in size to more than 1,500 members in just a few days. “I just invited a couple people, like ten; they invited a couple people who invited other people, and people started inviting themselves,” said Tay. The group has become a sort of therapy for the soon-to-be middle schooler, but her mom knows other people are being helped, too. “She can save someone’s life with this group,” Crystal said. “Somebody may see it and feel like they have support and they have friends on the page.” And that fact is what keeps Tay and her “Sick of Bullies” group going. “We just tell them that they’re not alone, and that there’s actually someone there for them, they don’t need to be worried about anything,” she said, while scrolling through hundreds of inspirational posts.

Just as a preface to the bullshit I’m about to write, I legitimately laughed out loud from the imagery of this chick getting rocked in her fat face with a textbook. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry for being down with the cool kids my whole life and running a little short on empathy. What I lack in compassion though I make up for with charisma, charm and overall likeability – which I can safely say young Tay has none of. Listen, honey, I’m sure it sucks having bitches tee off on your head in class. I’ll even go as far as saying you’re really not that ugly (yet), despite their claims. You look like you can stand to lose a few pounds though. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m simply trying to help. Pigs can still have friends though, so if you’re gonna take any piece of my friendly advice, make sure it’s what I’m about to tell you.

This Facebook page isn’t helping. If I’m a bully and you weren’t on my radar, you sure as hell are now. Who wouldn’t want to beat up on the one leading the charge against wedgies, locker-stuffing & esteem assassination? Your best bet is to flip the script on your so-called “friends”. Suckering in broken, lonely sissies worldwide holding out a shred of hope that anyone cares before dropping something like, “You all seriously thought anyone wanted to be your friend? Pathetic…kill yourselves.” on their noggins is gonna get you respect from the girls you’re so afraid of. Put THAT shit on the news. Before you know it, you’re at the top of the middle school food chain knocking out losers’ chiclets with your algebra book while the days of crying in the bathroom are a distant memory.


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