Check Out This Broad Who Punched Her Boyfriend Because He Would Only Pay For Tampons And Not A Tattoo

Posted: August 17 @ 12:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

[Sun Sentinel Rare is the conversation that pairs tattoos and tampons. But those items – along with cash – appeared to be the focus of a spat that ultimately landed Victoria Fowler, 18, in the pokey, according to a recently released arrest affidavit. Fowler’s boyfriend told Port St. Lucie police Aug. 7 that he and Fowler got in a tiff “about money, tattoos and tampons”. “Apparently, Victoria was wanting (her boyfriend) to give her some money for a new tattoo,” an affidavit states. “She is currently unemployed and has no other way of obtaining money.” Fowler’s boyfriend initially didn’t want to give her cash because he didn’t support her getting a tattoo. He agreed to assist, however, when she said she needed money for tampons. As he got money from his wallet he kept arguing with Fowler, also the mother of his infant son, about the tattoo. “Apparently, Victoria did not like what he was telling her about the tattoo and decided to punch him on his chest.” She grabbed the money and walked away. The boyfriend’s father and stepmother gave a similar account. The father said violence between Fowler and his son “is not uncommon and he has grown tired of it.” The father said when he told Fowler he was going to call police she said she didn’t care because law enforcement officials wouldn’t do anything. “She also told him that if she gets arrested and her child is taken away from her, she will kill (her boyfriend) and that this would give him a true reason to call the police.” Fowler said she pushed her boyfriend but didn’t say she punched him.

I’m just gonna come right out and say it. When your chick is on her period, you should legally be allowed to retaliate if she calls Open Chest Day on you because you’re only paying for Tampax and not a tramp stamp. You want a tattoo bitch? Here’s a preschool turkey tat right across your face. Suck on that, feminism. And this is me giving Victoria Fowler the benefit of the doubt. I’m willing to accept she’s not a psycho cunt 24/7 and, instead, just falls victim to her bleeding vagina once a month. Fair enough. But if we just brought a kid into the world and you can’t keep your unemployed ass under control & accept the tampon money, somebody else has to. In a just world, a pair of spotted panties should be enough to beat a domestic violence rap.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmm this is pretty hilarious. This is victoria fowler and i spent maybe 12 hours in jail wasnt too bad but this? This definitely made my arrest worth it. In a town such as Port St Lucie where there isnt much entertainment or drama to socialize about i can see why my extrodinary arrest and avadavit is quite popular. I encourage anybody who is a fan of my arrest and/or story please dont hesitate to contact me or see me in person to get the juicy details. Though i am a full time mother and my scedule is usually unpredictable dont take it personally if i cannot book you right away. Hell im willing to get payed maybe your making me famous will help me pay off my court fees!(; have a wonderful evening everybody hope to hear from you all soon!

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