Strippers Are Trying To Stop This Dude In Jail From Making Them Big Stars

Posted: February 6 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

stalker[Tacoma]  A Tacoma man is asking for a pile of personal information on adult dancers throughout Pierce County. Despite his criminal past, Robert Hill claims he is legally entitled to know what the dancers look like and potentially where they live. In an exclusive interview inside a holding cell, Hill revealed why he wants this information so badly. “Anything that combines sex, money and politics — I’m on it,” Hill said. Hill said he wants to help adult dancers in Pierce County become big stars with social media. “They can absorb it, they could ignore, they could act on it. Until they hear it, they’re not able to benefit from me,” he said. Already in jail for assault at a bar, Hill has been convicted of intimidating a judge and was arrested for stalking in Seattle in 2010. The case was overturned and a new trial is set to start this summer. In court documents Hill is called “aggressive,” “violent” and having displayed “stalking behavior.” But now he wants a full list of adult dancer licensing forms from the county, including identifying details of their bodies, their personal information and photos. He said it would not only help his social media consulting business, but the dancers and their employers as well. Hill has already seen around 100 of the files, but he wants more. He is requesting the documents because they are regulated public records. The dancers are going to court to stop him. Hill is representing himself in court.

Make up your mind, America. Do we live in a country where you’re forever bound by your past transgressions? Or are we a nation of second chances? Everybody’s celebrating Ray Lewis despite killing motherfuckers (allegedly), yet people are trying to stonewall Robert Hill from expanding his social media biz. Why? OK, so he has a history of violence & stalking. Sure, he absolutely looks serial-killery. Oh and he’s in jail, too. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have turned over a new leaf though. I mean if we’re doubting his honesty then we’re showing very little faith in our criminal rehabilitation system. Not only is he trying to capitalize for his own benefit, he’s looking to launch the careers of some lucky strippers. Everybody wins. Ladies, you want to pay for college or not? The dude’s an expert in sex, money & politics. He can help. If you want to tell him no, that’s your business – but your names, addresses, pictures & identifying marks are legally his. Every sales pitch needs a few leads, that’s all.


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