Check Out This Chick Who’s Smarter Than Einstein, Gates & Hawking

Posted: February 13 @ 11:30am by 610 in Bolivian

LaurenMarbe[Telegraph]  Lauren Marbe, 16, shocked teachers by scoring 161 on the Mensa brain test after she was entered with other pupils from her school for fun. The “normal” teenager loves fake tanning, blonde highlights, manicures and getting dressed up for parties themed around her favorite reality TV show. She is the daughter of a black cab driver and dreams of one day being a performer in the West End – like Essex celebrity Denise Van Outen. But her remarkable brain test score means she is now officially smarter than Professor Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and even Albert Einstein – who all have an IQ of 160. Miss Marbe has now been enrolled in prestigious society Mensa, which means she is officially in the top one per cent of cleverest people in the world. The schoolgirl, who is already predicted straight A’s and A*’s for her GCSE’s, said she was delighted to have “blown away” the Essex stereotype. The teenager, who said her parents were surprised at the result, added: “I am blonde, I do wear make-up and I do go out.” Her proud parents, father David, 45, and Sue Marbe, 45, admitted they have no idea where her brains come from. “Most of the time Essex gets a bit of a negative press. People think all girls are blonde and all girls are dim. Lauren is blonde but it does seem like she has shaken the stereotype that all Essex girls are stupid.”

Good for Lauren. Not only is she smarter than even the most famous of geniuses, but she seems to have a healthy balance in her life. A pretty, blonde Mensa chick with a 161 IQ who enjoys tanning & partying sounds like the total package. Being such a braniac should help her out immensely. I’m sure she’ll be judged on her intellect, not her looks. In the professional world, Lauren will never be propositioned & passed up on promotions because she didn’t put out. Too bright to fall victim to that sorta thing. Dating should be a breeze, too. Since she’s so sharp, she’ll be able to comprehend logic & avoid any unnecessary, made-up drama in her relationships simply because she’s a stubborn bitch. No way she’ll just assume she’s right all the time or be subjected to the pitfalls feminists fight against 24/7.

I mean she was smart enough to take her “breaking the stupid female mold” picture in the kitchen, right?


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