Kim Kardashian’s Latest Magazine Cover Is Something We’ve Never Seen Before

Posted: February 28 @ 12:45pm by 610 in Bolivian


I get that “all black people look alike” can be perceived as a racist statement, but when you take out any distinguishing facial features, it’s just a fact. I can’t tell if that’s Kanye, some random black extra or an old pic from her past. That could easily be a Kim K & Ray J DVD sleeve or a candid of her getting railed by an offseason-soft Reggie Bush. Hell, it could be Obama for all I know. Listen, Kanye, you’re supposed to be a superstar. An “outside-of-the-box” type. But not only are you far from the first black guy to pound KK in front of a lens, I can’t even tell it’s you. And your picture isn’t even the best of the bunch. Ray J & your baby mama put this cover photo to shame. Who fucks Kim any other way besides doggy, anyway? Weirdo.



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