Check Out This Broad Who Beat Her Husband Because He Didn’t Want To Play Mini Golf On Date Night

Posted: March 22 @ 3:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

Jennifer[Tampa Bay]  When Jennifer Lee’s husband took her out Tuesday for a few beers and a basket of Beef O’Brady’s chicken wings, deputies say, she had a plan for how to spend the rest of the night: a round of mini golf and a motel room. Her 68-year-old husband, Benjamin Lee, wasn’t on board with the plan, a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report states. The motel room would have been $100, he later told deputies. They argued. He nixed the mini golf idea, too, and decided they’d just go home. Just before 8 p.m., a deputy waiting on a red light spotted the couple in Benjamin Lee’s pickup truck, where Jennifer Lee was slapping her husband in the face then grabbed a fistful of his hair and jerked his head around. The deputy stopped the truck to talk with the couple. Jennifer Lee, 46, told the deputy that her husband said mean things to her and that she just wanted to play mini golf. The deputy arrested Jennifer Lee on a charge of battery on a person older than 65.

Well the only reason I can think of as to why Ben Lee got all cranky is because he loses to his wife at mini golf all the time. If that’s the case, then it makes perfect sense he’d cry like a little bitch & get smacked around for it. To me, if I ever decide to pay any attention to my girlfriend again, this would be a solid “date night”. It’s about as masculine a night as you can reasonably expect from a chick you’ve been with for a couple years. Crushing some Yuenglings & chicken wings before dominating windmills & clown’s mouths sure as shit beats getting dressed up to drink wine & eat cheese before trying to sit through Les Mis without using my keys to carve my eyeballs out. Then we got a motel room lined up for me to ace your 19th hole? Sounds like Jennifer was making an honest effort here & her husband just sucks. Or maybe he’s just 68 years old, 8pm’s past his bed time & those Yuengs got him pissing every 3 minutes.

  1. Cracker says:

    Only explanation is that Snorlax here never pays for shit. Sure some beer, wings, mini-golf and a probably unnecessary fuck-locale sounds like an awesome Tuesday to most people. Hell, I’d probably foot the bill for a night like that 99 out of 100 times. But that 1 time, just once would it kill her to use a little of that disability settlement to take ‘Ol Ben here out?! You know the feeling, when once a simple night out that used to cost you no more than a couple $20’s from the ATM is now all of a sudden a couple $100’s just because you’re now a couple.

    …So my best guess as to what went down Tuesday night in Tampa Bay is that Benjamin Lee did the math; figured he could get a much better looking hooker who was less annoying and would leave him the fuck alone afterwards for less money down. And if that’s what happened, I respect the move. But it’s never a good look to get beat up by your woman in public. Gotta come up with a better plan, or just pony up the cash for date-night…let that be a lesson.

    PS. Whore’s asses before Snorlax’s

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