Tom Brady Really Botched That Moynahan-For-Bundchen Swap

Posted: March 22 @ 5:00pm by 610 in Bolivian


Two kids & jumping from your 20’s to your 30’s hammers some broads harder than others, huh? I was never a big Gisele fan, but I respected her legend. First name I’d drop if asked to name a super model. And obviously it’s unrealistic to expect her to look like this 24/7…  


…but what the fuck? That’s not what Tom Brady signed up for. A chick who’s world-famous for being hot should still be hot at 32 – no excuses. But she’s disgusting & it’s downright disrespectful for her to think it’s OK. An all-time great NFL QB in his prime deserves better. It’s embarrassing. No wonder all his rings are pre-Gisele. Bridget Moynahan wasn’t giving up on life at 32. Hell, give me Moynahan closing in on 43 over current Bundchen any day. Brady’s gotta regret that swap every time he kisses Gisele’s wretched face good night. Probably sleeps with a bank statement under his pillow to ease the pain of waking up to that mug. Yuck.

Here’s an Anna Welker pic for no real reason. Wes’ paycheck + Anna > Tom’s dough + Gisele. Wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs. Brady had something to do with making sure Wes & his Grade-A piece of ass left town.

Anna Welker


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