So Chinese Dudes Shave Their Eyeballs

Posted: April 17 @ 3:30pm by 610 in Bolivian

eyeball[Daily Mail]  The optional extras offered by this barber in China won’t appeal to everybody. But after using his blade to shave his customers’ faces, Liu Deyuan will happily give it a quick rinse and scrape it along their eyeballs. Eyeball cleaning is an ancient craft in China, where there is an old saying that cleaning the eyes renders the beauty in life visible. The bizarre practice is dying out in China, but customers can still get the traditional treatment from the Mr Deyuan, who has been offering the service from his stand in a park in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, for the past seven years. After holding the eye open and running his blade across the surface of the eyeball, the barber then inserts a small rod beneath the upper and lower lids and scrapes it back and forth. Mr Deyuan will provide a head and face shave plus an eye cleaning for RMB5 – the equivalent of around 50 pence.

Makes sense. Chicks light themselves on fire, dudes stick razor blades in their eyes. Anyway, Liu Deyuan must have the most steady hand in the entire world. Of all the eyeballs to scrape with a razor blade, the Chinese present the stiffest challenge. Look at the picture. Liu’s got this dude’s left eye pried open as wide as it’s gonna get. There’s not much real estate to work with. To get a razor in an opening that’s about the width of two blades without slicing off an eyelid is pretty fucking impressive. Not to mention, he’s doing this outside in the park amongst a bajillion people. Anything could happen. He could get hit with an errant frisbee, nunchuk or tsunami but he’s gotta maintain composure & concentration or his business is dunzo. Gotta be an unflappable eyeball scraper in the event Godzirra decides to rattle the foundation of a new overcrowded country of midgets. So if you’re around Chengdu looking for a place to get your fade & cornea touched up, look no further than Liu Deyuan.


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