Driver Facing Charges For Not Getting Involved In A Fight On His Bus

Posted: April 29 @ 12:30pm by 610 in Bolivian

Bus-480x307[Times Online]  A bus driver for the Freedom Area School District has been accused of letting students fight on his bus last month and not notifying officials of the incident. New Sewickley Township police charged Braden Matthew Hollis by mail Friday with endangering the welfare of children. Police said Hollis was the driver of a Rhodes Transit bus that was parked outside the school district complex after the school was evacuated due to a bomb threat. While the bus was there, a fight broke out between 18-year-old Mariah Sky Lipinski and an unidentified juvenile male at the rear of the vehicle. Police said several students aboard the bus alerted Hollis, who was seated behind the steering wheel, about the situation, but police said he can be heard on video surveillance to “clear the aisle and let them fight.” After the fight ended, police said Lipinski can be observed walking to the front of the bus and speaking with Hollis, who asked her if she was bleeding. But she told him the blood was from the boy. Police said even though the boy can clearly be seen on video bleeding from his nose, Hollis walked back to check on him. Police said Hollis then failed to report the incident to the school, which was notified of what happened by the boy’s parents.

Poor bus drivers. Not only are they poor, but apparently there’s no right way to do their jobs. When shit goes down, you can either step up & face charges or step back…and face charges. Artis Hughes & his Uppercut of Doom served as the martyr who made it perfectly clear you don’t put your hands on female passengers under any circumstances. Matthew Hollis got the memo. So when Mariah Sky is pummeling some poor dad’s embarrassment-of-a-son in the back of the bus, the only play is to ensure there’s a safe fighting environment. Maybe Mariah’s slick with the hands. Breaking up the melee and having to throw fisticuffs with “Soda” Lipinski could not only have gotten Hollis canned, but put to sleep. So he let them fight fair. One winner and one pussy loser he checked up on & laughed at afterwards. Yet in the end, he’s gonna lose his job regardless? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t in the bus driver game.


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