Meet The Dude Who Broke A Club Over Another Golfer’s Head, Then Stabbed Him Over A Scoring Dispute

Posted: June 7 @ 2:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

glennlott[Smoking Gun]  Proving again that golfers are the most volatile and violent athletes, a Michigan man was arrested yesterday after allegedly breaking a club over another duffer’s head during a scoring argument. Glenn Lott, 59, was jailed yesterday for felony aggravated assault with a weapon following the confrontation at the Westwynd Golf Course in Oakland Township outside Detroit. According to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Lott and the 65-year-old victim were playing yesterday afternoon when a dispute arose over the number of shots one of them took on a particular hole. During the argument, deputies allege, Lott struck the older man over the head with a club, breaking off its head. Lott then used the sawed-off club to stab the victim in the stomach. Lott, who lives about a mile from the golf course, was subsequently taken into custody at his residence and later booked into the county jail, where he is being held in lieu of formal charges. Lott is a former Drake University football star who was a second-round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills in 1975 (though he never ended up playing in the NFL). The man allegedly attacked by Lott declined medical treatment.

OK, first thing’s first – is this Ronnie Lott’s brother or not? I’m leaning no because I couldn’t confirm it with a 7-second Google search, but if I’m wrong, then this is no surprise. The failed football star who shares bloodlines with a HOFer famous for cutting a finger off instead of missing any time on the field obviously has a short fuse.

This is why I don’t play golf though. Everyone always tells me it’s relaxing & fun. Bullshit. It’s competitive, infuriating and apparently shady as hell. Seriously, what’s great about it? Is it the part where you inexplicably slice your drive for the 10th straight time and you gotta hear your buddies giving you tips like they’re Jack Nicklaus? Maybe it’s lipping the 5-foot putt you spent 3 minutes lining up & clearing debris from it’s path. The slow granny foursome in front of you or the PGA Tour dudes behind you yelling to play through sound awesome. Just a calm day of sun, beer & snapping Big Berthas over your cheating pal’s head before stabbing him with the sawed-off handle. I’ll pass.


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