London’s Latest Anti-Drunk Driving Idea Will Make You Crap Your Pants

Posted: June 10 @ 11:30am by 610 in Bolivian

[Daily Mail]  Been to the pub for a couple and think you’ll be OK to drive home? One look in this mirror should convince you otherwise. This is the Government’s shocking new ad campaign to deter drink drivers. In the terrifying footage unsuspecting men are shown looking into the mirror while they wash their hands in a north London pub toilet. Suddenly a mannequin is thrown forcefully against the mirror from the other side – simulating the effect of a pedestrian hitting the windscreen in a car crash. The impact caused the mirror to crack and ‘blood’ to run down the frame into the sink.

When I’m at the bar and go to piss, I also use those couple minutes to get my act together. Take a quick inventory & argue with myself over whether or not I’m wasted before checking my wallet to see how many more Patron shots I can buy for the chick I won’t take home. So the last thing I need in my few moments of peace & quiet is someone’s dead face smashing through the mirror & bleeding all over the sink. You think scaring the hell out of me when I’m giving me a pep talk is the way to make sure I don’t drive drunk? Well, I just shit myself. Now I need at least 6 shots of whiskey before I can even try to explain what happened in the bathroom. Then I gotta drive my hammered ass home haunted by the image of a human head through my windshield because dumps in your pants aren’t allowed at the bar. DWI city. Good work, London.


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