Bishop Under Arrest For Falsifying Community Service Paperwork In Exchange For Hugs

Posted: August 1 @ 4:00pm by 610 in Bolivian

Santa[Tampa Bay] The bishop’s going rate was signing off on 50 fake community service hours for seven hugs. “Hug is too light of a term, I think,” said Cpl. Felicia Pecora. “They were very groping hugs.” Police arrested Charles M. Leigh, 64, on Wednesday on six counts of falsifying records and six counts of falsifying official records in writing, all misdemeanors. Leigh, who says he is a bishop, leads the Apostolic Catholic Church at 7813 N Nebraska Ave., which promotes itself as an alternative to the Roman Catholic Church. His sanctuary is hardly more than a small house, and his parishioners include prostitutes and people on probation. His church was among the various churches, hospitals and other entities where the Florida Department of Corrections allows probationers to perform community service hours as part of their criminal punishment. In June, police received a tip that Leigh was falsifying probation paperwork. An undercover officer pretending to be on probation went in and waited to meet with him to see about earning community service hours. “Oh, you won’t have any problem; you’re female,” a man told her. Leigh signed off on paperwork saying the woman had performed 17 community service hours after giving her four “intimate hugs”. She returned Wednesday and got three “groping hugs” in exchange for 33 more hours. When the undercover officer pushed him away, he dismissed her, saying, “Aw, I guess I’m too gropey.” She had to push him off twice before officers moved in to arrest Leigh.

Hugs? We talkin’ bout hugs? We ain’t talkin’ bout kissing…not handies…not head…not titty-sucking, finger-blasting or fucking…but hugs? I don’t care how gropey these hugs were – if you’re still calling it a hug, it’s just as insignificant as community service. Maybe Kris Kringle took a handful of butt cheek. Maybe he copped some titty with a from-behind squeeze. Big deal. Who’s the victim? The criminal looking to swap a few seconds in an intimate embrace for hours of freedom from picking up trash in an orange vest? Get the fuck outta here. If anyone got taken advantage of, it’s Santa. These sluts taunting old man bishop with their huggable bodies while begging him to sign off on BS community service hours was a temptation he couldn’t resist. He’s human. Yet all this kind soul asked for in return was a god damn hug. Can’t a bishop get a warning first?


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