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In the bottom of the fifth inning, Worcester Tornadoes starting pitcher Ryan Bicondoa had a perfect game going. With two down, Johnny Welch made the play of the year in the CanAm League…

Not too shabby…but the timing is pretty shitty.  Tough to follow this catch when talking “play of the year”.

[AZ Central]  All second baseman Paige Sultzbach wanted to do was play in her school’s state championship baseball game tonight. But because she is a girl, that won’t happen. Sultzbach is a freshman at Mesa Preparatory Academy, which had been scheduled to play Our Lady of Sorrows Academy in tonight’s Arizona Charter Athletic Association state championship at Phoenix College. But Our Lady of Sorrows, a fundamentalist Catholic school in Phoenix that lost twice to Mesa Prep during the regular season, chose to forfeit the championship game rather than play a team fielding a female player. Our Lady of Sorrows school officials would not comment, but Sultzbach’s mother, Pamela Sultzbach, said her daughter and the rest of the team received the news after Wednesday afternoon’s practice. “This is not a contact sport, it shouldn’t be an issue,” Pamela said. “It wasn’t that they were afraid they were going to hurt or injure her, it’s that (they believe) that a girl’s place is not on a field.” During Mesa Prep’s two previous games with Our Lady of Sorrows, Paige didn’t play out of respect for the opposing team’s beliefs, but that wasn’t going to be an option this time, Pamela said. “We respected their school rule … but she took it hard,” Pamela said. “She didn’t like it and neither did her teammates. They went out and played the best they could because they wanted to prove a point.” Mesa Prep’s baseball team, which went undefeated in the regular season, has only 11 members, so having one sit out in a championship is a big deal, Arnold said. Besides, Sultzbach earned the right to play in the title game, she said. The two teams play in the seven-team 1A division of the ACAA. Mesa Prep won the Eastern Division by going 9-0 on the season, and Our Lady of Sorrows won the Western Division with a 6-3 record. This isn’t the first time the issue has come up. Our Lady of Sorrows pulled out of a flag football tournament before it began last October because some teams had female members, Baum said. Before the baseball season started, Our Lady of Sorrows asked all of its potential opponents if they had girls on their teams. At that point Mesa Preparatory did not — Sultzbach came on board later — so the religious school did not learn of her participation until the first time they played, Baum said. Baum said he wishes Mesa Prep had been more consistent in its policy rather than sitting her in the regular-season games and insisting she play in the state championship.

Good for Our Lady of Sorrows.  Some things are more important than a high school championship – like, oh, dignity for starters.  First of all, this picture speaks volumes.  Paige, I wish you the best in life.  I hope your babies are healthy and the kitchen you spend 50% of your adult life in is complete with marble floors, a granite center island and the finest of stainless steel appliances.  But all I need is that picture to see Our Lady is right on the money.   (more…)

I am fucking amazed.  Seriously, I don’t know how to react.  It’s so grotesque, it’s beautiful.  I’m sure every Marlin who’s got to stare at this 4 times a game for 81 days appreciates it as much as I do.  They might as well have a mariachi band at the on-deck circle too.  Just blaring trumpets in Hanley’s ear hole. What I don’t get is how it cost $2.5 million.   (more…)

[East Meadow Patch]  An East Meadow woman was arrested Saturday for stalking and harassment after her son failed to make an East Meadow Little League travel team, according to third precinct officials. According to police, on May 21, Janet Chiauzzi, 44, allegedy sent letters “of a threatening nature” to an East Meadow Little League official and his son. Police said the letter also made threats against the victim’s wife and daughter. On June 1, the principal of the school where the victim’s children attended received a letter claiming the victim was abusing his kids, which Nassau County Child Protective Services investigated and “deemed unfounded,” police said. According to police, six additional letters were sent to the East Meadow Little League attempting to “defame the victim and force his removal as an official.” Chiauzza has been charged with two counts of second degree stalking, two counts of stalking in the third degree, two counts of third degree falsely reporting an incident, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and four counts of second degree aggravated harassment. She will be arraigned in First District court in Hempstead on Sunday.

It’s real easy to dismiss Magda here.  Boo hoo, your son sucks at baseball so you gotta make excuses for him…right?  Well, maybe.  She could be crying wolf.  Or, she could be blowing the whistle on Mr. League Official touching little kids.   (more…)

Wow.  On Memorial Day with this shit?  Someone slicing onions in here or something?   (more…) – Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike Leake stopped at a store Monday before the game to pick up a few T-shirts. Cincinnati police and Macy’s security employees, though, say Leake didn’t pay for them. Leake was arrested and booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center on Monday afternoon accused of theft. Leake, 23, of Ludlow, faces misdemeanor charges carrying a maximum jail term of 180 days. Loss prevention employees at the Macy’s Downtown store called police after they said Leake removed security tags from six American Rag T-shirts, valued at $59.88, and walked out of the store without paying for them. The incident was captured by store security cameras, police documents state. Leake was arrested at the 505 Vine St. store at 2 p.m. Monday and booked into the jail at 2:32 p.m. According to records, Leake’s salary is $425,000 for 2011. The pitcher is tentatively scheduled to start for the Reds Thursday against Arizona. Leake was at Great American Ball Park and in uniform Monday night. As for his next start, “you’ll have to address that with Dusty (Baker),” team spokesman Rob Butcher said. The Reds released a statement saying: “On behalf of the Cincinnati Reds organization, at this time we are advised to not publicly address this matter because of the pending legal proceedings. However, we do not condone behavior of the type alleged, which is wholly inconsistent with the principles of this organization and our community and is detrimental to the positive direction we seek to follow. When the legal process has been completed, we will handle this matter internally.” There was also a statement on behalf of Mike Leake which says: “Today, Mike Leake was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of theft from the Macy’s store downtown. Right now, he has been advised by his attorney to offer no further statements on this matter. This case will proceed in the justice system, where Mike’s story will be told. Until that time, there will be nothing further from Mike on this episode until the court proceedings have concluded. However, Mike wishes to apologize to his family, the fans, Mr. Castellini, Walt, Dusty, his teammates and the entire Reds organization for this distraction.” Leake was the Reds’ first-round draft pick in 2009, the eighth selection overall.

Seriously, Cincy?  This is the 8th overall pick from a couple years ago, right?  Your 23 year-old ace-in-the-making who skipped the minors altogether last year & is off to a 2-0 start this April?  A young arm looking to help your hometown Reds build on their surprise 2010 playoff appearance…and you dime him on a few $10 t-shirts?  Excuse him for thinking he’s a professional baseball player in his own city.  Justice had to be served here?  Not a single person involved could finagle some baseline tickets and an autograph in exchange for the shirts back?  I mean I could see if it was that fruitcake Bronson Arroyo, but not your future.  Are you gonna tell me Joey Votto needs permission to lock a chick in a bathroom and get his dick wet?  Brandon Phillips can’t have a hooker in the car and blow a .12 after rolling through a stop sign?  What a pussy sports town.  No wonder Carson Palmer would rather retire than play another year with the Bengals.  Good luck keeping your studs if you’re gonna treat them like common folk.


I’d give my middle nut to have a crooked afro…