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[Michigan]  Eric Dompierre loves sports, especially basketball. In fact, this week, he earned our “Play of the Week” with a shot against Negaunee, Michigan in the District Final. Eric never let the fact that he was born with Down Syndrome stop him from playing. But now, he may have to cheer on his team from the bleachers. It’s a battle between Eric’s family and the Michigan High School Athletic Association. The association says because he’s 19 years old, he isn’t allowed to play in his senior year of high school. “I’d be sad if I couldn’t play with them and not have them in my life. They want me to play, and I want to play with them,” said Eric. According to the MHSAA handbook, students aren’t allowed to participate in any school sport if they are above 19 years of age. Because of his disability, Eric got a late start in elementary school making him older than his classmates. “He gets a lot of his confidence from the fact that he gets in the games, and he has a lot of support, not only from people here in Ishpeming, but people from all over the area are supportive of him. If he’s told that he’s not allowed to play anymore, I think he’s going to lose a lot of that confidence. And that’s been a key to his development,” said Eric’s dad, Dean Dompierre. A petition has been started to give Eric the chance to play basketball his senior year. If you would like him to have a chance to play basketball his last year of high school, his family asks that you please go sign the petition. “It’s sad, he should be allowed to play,” stated Facebook fan Danielle Adams. “The poor kid wants a chance to play, not like the team will have an advantage or anything. He deserves an equal shot like everyone else playing high school sports.”

Let me make sure I understand this correctly.  This is a 19 year-old kid still in high school due to his disabilities who expects to be allowed to dribble on the hardwood regardless of eligibility rules?  Hey Eric you know how many dyslexic or ADHD bearded 6th-year seniors who shouldn’t wear hoodies there are who’d love nothing more than to Wilt Chamberlain 17 year-old competition?   (more…)

[Daily Telegraph]  First there was lingerie football, a popular sport in the US we hear with women sporting both bruises and blush in equal measure. Now there’s the prospect of topless basketball. With the sport in crisis in the US and fans deprived of matches thanks to the NBA lockout, a group of nightclub owners appear to have have taken things into their own hands. This morning it was revealed they want to form a basketball league of topless dancers to attract attention to the sport while the NBA saga drags on after nearly five months of crisis. Rick’s Cabaret group’s league, consisting of dancers from their 23 clubs, has reportedly said a former NBA star will be announced next week as coach of the New York team, which will unveil its uniforms – we’re suspecting some of the most minute ever seen on a court -next week as well. The team is evidently to to play dancers from a Minneapolis club and another from Miami with a full schedule of these game to apparently to be announced in January. “People will be amazed when we tell them who our coach is, because he was one of the great players in the NBA,” Gianna, no last name, a player for the New York team has reportedly said. “The girls are really excited. We’re practically busting out of our tops. We plan to give him a really warm welcome on Tuesday.” “I hear he’s going to have us do a workout on Tuesday in front of the press,” said Sky, the point guard for the team. “I can’t wait to show off some of my moves.”

No fucking surprise killjoy David Stern helped get the NBA back on track before the Rick’s Cabaret league could take off and show the WNBA how women’s basketball is supposed to be played.  With your areolas out.  Fuck your Diana Taurasi & Maya Moore.  Bring on Sky & Gianna.  Sidebar – how stripperific is the name ‘Gianna’?  Seriously, if you name your daughter Gianna you might as well not even bother sending her to school.   (more…)

Hey 610,

I am hungover as FUCK right now.  I know we had a great convo in person at the after-party, but I just wanted to shoot you another quick “Thanks” for your inspirational letter to me before our series with the Heat kicked off.  Glad you took me up on the invite and came out to catch the game – hope you liked your seat.  Mark Cuban thought you were hysterical all night.   (more…)

Jesus Christ!  Hide the women & children, it’s the motherfuckin’ Durantula!

[ESPN]  The New York Knicks picked up the $14.2 million option on point guard Chauncey Billups Wednesday, ensuring that he will be with the team for the 2011-12 season.  The Knicks had until Friday to pick up the option or pay Billups a $3.7 million buyout.  “Chauncey, Amare [Stoudemire] and Chauncey [Billups] are a great nucleus, as we continue to look to improve our team going into the offseason,” Knicks president of basketball operation Donnie Walsh said in a statement. “Chauncey is an extremely talented and experienced point guard — we are very happy to have him back.”  The 13-year veteran missed three of the Knicks’ four playoff games, all losses, to the Boston Celtics after straining a knee tendon late in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference first-round series. Billups played 21 regular-season games with the Knicks this season after coming over from the Denver Nuggets in the Carmelo Anthony trade. He averaged 17.5 points and 5.5 assists for New York.

Well, I guess that helps squash the rumors of a Wilson Chandler return unless he’s willing to accept less dough to come back & watch the Melo/STAT isolation offense for 48 minutes.  Still, the grand plan is to have Chauncey’s $14 mil come off the books for a monster 2012 PG signing, right?  So as much as I’d have liked to see Chandler back, the big picture is still intact.  We’re waiting for you, CP3…

If you look at the box score from the Knicks game last night, it looks like nobody other than Melo was playing. Well, that’s pretty much true. Jared Jeffries and Bill Walker are pretty awesome, but for whatever reason they’re just not getting it done in the playoffs. I found the solution though. We need to bring this kid onboard right the fuck now. A Luke/Carmelo duo would be literally unstoppable. There’s just no way to guard this kid. Let’s make it happen Bolivian.

An absolute legendary performance by Carmelo Anthony without Billups or STAT.  Down double-digits in the 3rd and he almost single-handedly willed the Knicks to victory.



I’d also like to take a moment to reiterate my lifelong FUCK YOU to Jared Jeffries.