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[DailyNews] A stray-bullet victim says she was held prisoner for five days at a Brooklyn police station because detectives didn’t believe her story about the shooting, the Daily News has learned. Takesha Griffin, 35, said she was handcuffed to a bench in the squad room or locked in a filthy holding cell at the 73rd Precinct stationhouse during a spirit-shattering stretch last month. Cops asked her repeatedly if she was ready to cough up the real story. “They wanted me to lie,” said Griffin, whose lawyer filed a notice of claim on Tuesday. “It was like ‘The Twilight Zone.’ “During her lengthy confinement, Griffin said she urinated on herself when no one was available to escort her to the bathroom. She was also denied a sanitary napkin. The single mother of a 9-year-old boy said she was given a McDonald’s hamburger each day and ridiculed when she complained about the food. One cop sarcastically pointed out that she could order salmon or lasagna from a menu posted on the squad room wall. “Who treats people this way?” Griffin wondered. “It’s inhumane.” “They were trying to get me to say it was my friend who shot me,” recalled Griffin, who is seeking $5 million from the city. “He never had a gun,” she said. “I told them he was gay; we had gone to a gay club the night before.”

Cha-Ching! Unbelievable. This chick just won the lottery and she didn’t even need to buy a ticket. I wish, just once, that I could get hit with a stray bullet on my way back from the gay clubs. Her injury doesn’t look that bad, obviously, since she’s standing in the picture. So what, she had to sit in a cell, piss herself and eat McDonald’s for 5 days. I’d sign up for that in a second. (more…)

[WEVC]  Some Franklin residents say a Halloween display of a skeleton hanging by a noose is racially offensive. “You can show black people a noose and it’s gonna’ immediately, immediately slavery registers hanging, lynching,” said Councilman Greg McLemore. He said he’s heard several complaints from constituents over the display. “It was not meant to hurt anybody. If they look carefully at it, it’s the Saw mask. You can see it online,” said Michele Tono, who says this is the third year she’s put up the display. A complaint was also filed with the Franklin Police Department. The mayor and other council members stepped in to help mediate the situation. “I do respect and high standards for the black and white community, and I would never support or condone racial things,” said Councilman Donald Blythe. He said he didn’t think there was anything criminal about the display. Passerby Lamont Davenport also weighed in. “It’s just a skeleton.  I don’t find too much offense to it,” Davenport said. But McLemore insists that the display should be modified or taken down. “It’s the principle.  Take the noose down. Change it to a knot. Change the black wig to a blond wig. It’s the principle,” said McLemore. Franklin police say that investigators did not find any violation with the display. Tono says she’s choosing not to take it down. “I guess now it’s just a matter of principle. I don’t mean to say it like that, but I haven’t done anything to anybody, and if I offended anybody I’m very sorry,” said Tono.

 A Halloween display at a home in Brooklyn has been taken down after some called it a symbol of racism. A scarecrow painted to have dark skin was hanging by a rope from a tree in front of a home in Kensington. Some neighbors say the homeowner gets in the spirit of Halloween every year and believe he meant no harm by the display. But one councilman argued it was reminiscent of a lynching. “It’s unacceptable,” said Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn). “You ain’t speaking for this whole community because some people on this block came by and said it was offensive. They came and said it was offensive. It’s not a cool decoration.” Police settled the dispute by removing the scarecrow figure from the tree.

I can’t even believe there are people out there in today’s society that would argue these ‘props’ aren’t racist.  Of course they’re racist.  Just because you paint a skeleton in white face doesn’t make it OK.  Yeah so you put cargo pants and shirt layers on your dark dummy – who cares?  It’s hanging, is it not?  And anyone who knows anything knows the only people who have ever been hanged in the history of rope were black people.  You heard what Charles Barron said, “It’s not a cool decoration”.  Unless you’re the Grand Wizard.   (more…)

[gothamist] In many ways, the B110 bus that connects South Williamsburg and Borough Park seems like any other bus. It has a route number and blue bus stop signs like any other city bus, and it’s open to the public. But the B110 is operated by a private company, Private Transportation Corporation, which pays the city for the right to provide a public service. And reporter Sasha Chavkin finds that on this bus—which caters to a predominately Orthodox Jewish ridership—special rules apply. Namely, women get the Rosa Parks treatment.

Chavkin recently asked an acquaintance to ride the B110 recently and found that female passengers are asked to sit in the back. His canary in the Hasidic coalmine encountered a bus full with “Orthodox Jews with full beards, sidecurls and long black coats, who told her that she was riding ‘a private bus’ and ‘a Jewish bus.'” When she asked why she had to move, a man scolded her, explaining, “If God makes a rule, you don’t ask ‘Why make the rule?” Also, HaShem is everywhere, even on the B110, and are you going to make Him walk all the way to the back!

Well, you had a nice run ladies. You got to vote, have jobs, drive cars and act like you were every bit as important as a man. But before long, if these curly-side-burns guys get their way, you’ll be drinking out of different colored water fountains and going to different schools than the boys. I’m just kidding… you won’t be allowed in schools. Personally, I think Hasidic Jews are creepy. They’re always wearing the same black suits and have their J. Wellington Wimpy hats on. If it’s not a job requirement or an athletic uniform and you’re wearing the same thing as everyone else, every day of your life… You’re in a cult. Regardless, (more…)

[NY Post]  It’s a monkey miracle — Bongo has been found! An Upper East Side couple grieving over the loss of a stuffed toy monkey they’ve raised like a son the past decade went bananas with joy Saturday night after being reunited with their beloved Beanie Baby. “I never gave up hope — I prayed, mediated, and now he’s with us again,” said Bonni Marcus, 47, who along with boyfriend Jack Zinzi, 58, were devastated after losing Bongo on their way to a restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on August 1. The 8-inch-tall doll was found Tuesday by Luis Barreto, 61, an unemployed Park Slope man, who discovered it atop a parking meter. Bongo was only reunited with his “parents” after they returned to Flatbush Avenue by Sterling Place on Saturday to hang more fliers pleading for its return, and Zinzi approached Barreto and some other men hanging out on the street and told them about Bongo and the reward. Barreto realized he had Bongo and headed with the couple back to his pad for an emotional reunion. Marcus, who teaches English as a second language at a Manhattan private school, Rennert Bilingual, said she “felt Bongo’s presence” even while approaching the apartment. But she said she had to closely examine the monkey to make sure it was Bongo. She confirmed this through the doll’s identifying marks, including a “burn scar” she had accidentally given the stuffed animal five years ago after a lit ash from a cigar she was smoking blew onto it. “I was devastated and gave up smoking after it,” she said. The couple then presented a cash-strapped Barreto the $500 reward they publicly promised for whoever found Bongo — but only after having to beg him to turn the doll over. “I fell in love with Bongo and wanted to keep him,” Barreto said. “He looked real to me and is cute.” Ultimately, he said he caved in after seeing how “heartbroken” Marcus was and being promised he could visit the doll. Following dinner with Baretto, the couple and toy monkey headed back to Manhattan to bar hop before returning home so Bongo could again sleep in the bed it shares with them. Bongo will also be reunited with his identical Beanie Baby brothers — named Doe, Ray and Me — who Marcus said, “were also suffering.”

Motherfucker.  This isn’t good for Bongo.  As I said in my post last week when he was still missing, it seemed like Bongo was finally able to escape 10 years of torture and unparalleled insanity.  The entire borough was sharing in the sadness of Bonni & Jack for potentially losing a ‘family member’ for good, but I knew what was up.  I was happy for him.  NOW does everyone believe me?   (more…)

[Brooklyn]  Two grief-stricken Manhattanites have frantically papered Park Slope with fliers offering hundreds of dollars for the safe return of their closest companion — a beloved monkey doll named Bongo. Bonni Marcus and Jack Zinzi said their best friend went missing on Sunday night during a routine outing to their favorite Fifth Avenue restaurant, El Viejo Yayo. The disappearance occurred around 7 pm, as Marcus and Zinzi were walking from their car near Flatbush Avenue to the eatery. “I walked over to the restaurant, sat down, ordered the food, and reached into my pocket to put Bongo on the table — and saw that he was gone,” Zinzi said. “Somebody must have come along and thought he was as cute as I know he is.” Marcus, 47, and Zinzi, 58, are not in a romantic relationship with each other, but they regard Bongo as the son they never had. Zinzi, a Park Slope native, bought Bongo at a discount store upstate a decade ago. He doesn’t recall the name, but he can’t forget the moment. “There was a whole bunch of stuffed animals, and Bongo caught my eye,” he said. “I thought it would be a great gift for Bonni — and we both became a little attached to it.” Marcus felt the same way. “Bongo’s simply a member of our family,” said Marcus, who uses the term “mother” when talking about her relationship to the doll. The chances of finding this absent primate are slim, but the dynamic doll-doting duo is optimistic. Since Monday, when the fliers went up, two people have called — one Samaritan saying that she placed Bongo on a traffic meter after discovering him lying on Flatbush Avenue, the other mentioning a separate Bongo sighting at the corner of Union Street and Eighth Avenue. In both cases, when Marcus and Zinzi returned to the site, Bongo was gone.

Holy shitballs.  Who the fuck keeps stringing heartbroken Bonni & Jack along on a wild stuffed primate chase?  “Yeah I got your shit-flinging Bongo…right here on top of this traffic meter…SIKE!!”  That’s fucked up.  You know how adorable Bongo is.  I feel terrible for these two.   (more…)

[Daily News]  A fugitive fool who taunted cops on his Facebook page, “Catch me if you can, I’m in Brooklyn” – has been captured by U.S. marshals. And guess where. Victor Burgos was sitting at a computer with his Facebook page open when a task force of marshals and NYPD detectives tracked him down in an apartment on Jefferson St. in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Burgos, 29, who was born in Brooklyn, was being sought by the upstate Utica Police Department on multiple arrest warrants for domestic violence and harassment of his ex-girlfriend. After his mug shot was featured on the department’s website listing its 10 most wanted last month, he threw down the challenge on Facebook. Even more brazen, Burgos posted on his Web page a video showing him walking into an unidentified NYPD stationhouse believed to be in Brooklyn, authorities said. “He told us via Facebook to come and get him and we did,” Utica police Sgt. Steve Hauck told the Daily News yesterday. Burgos, who claims he’s a rap music promoter and uses the alias R. Mack Milly, was hauled back to Oneida County on Tuesday to face the music before an upstate judge. His taunts were deleted from the Facebook page before he was arrested late Monday night.

Question – would this have been news if he wasn’t  in Brooklyn and the NYPD task force was rustling up spics all over Kings County trying to get their mitts on R. Mack Milly based on this intel?  Yeah, in hindsight it sure looks stupid this dude was playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’ on Facebook and told the world where he legitimately was…but it could’ve easily been just as stupid to assume Burgos was that stupid & believe his wall post.   (more…)

99 problems and 1 is the NBA

Fox News–  Rapper Jay-Z may have caught a case of March Madness, but it’s the NBA that is mad because it plans to launch a probe into why he chose to make a surprise visit to the Kentucky locker room, according to a new report. After the Wildcats won their regional final over North Carolina on Sunday night, the rapper, who also owns a minority stake in the New Jersey Nets, decided to show up to the postgame celebration by visiting the team locker room at The Prudential Center in Newark. Jay-Z may have been there to congratulate the Wildcats for earning the school’s first trip to the Final Four since 1998, but the NBA wants to know whether he was trying to get a word in with some future draft picks, according to the report. While the incident is not a violation of NCAA rules, reported today that the NBA plans an investigation. In the room with Jay-Z at the time where potential lottery picks Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones.

So Jay-Z shows up in Kentucky’s locker room after they made it into the Final Four, what’s the big deal?  He barely owns any of the NJ Nets and there is no way his money, platinum albums, low riders and smokin’ hot wife could ever persuade 18-22 year old basketball phenoms to come to Jersey to play for the Nets.  They just lost their 50th game.  Again.  NBA, please, for the love of the game, leave it alone.  He did not break any NCAA rules.  If the team were already in Brooklyn, Stern would have no issue with this.