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[WTKR]  A Virginia Beach police sergeant has been accused of trying to buy sex. Chesapeake police say he tried to pick up a prostitute in the Greenbrier section of the city. Chesapeake police routinely do these undercover prostitution stings every few months, but they never expected to catch a police officer from another department in their operation. Chesapeake undercover officers set up their escort sting at a hotel on Crossways Road in Greenbrier. According to police, five men fell for the trap; one of them was a Virginia Beach police sergeant. Mark Vidrine, 49, who has been a Beach officer since 1995, was arrested on Friday night along with other men. Detectives say in each case, the men arranged to meet with an undercover officer who they thought was a prostitute. Conversations started on the Internet and moved to the phone where detectives say it was made clear the men wanted to have sex in exchange for money. When the men showed up to the hotel rooms, detectives tell us the arrangement was again confirmed before arrests were made. Vidrine and three others were from Hampton Roads but one man, Luis Solano Herrera, traveled all the way from Raleigh for the encounter. Right now, the Beach sergeant is on administrative assignment pending the outcome of the investigation.

Wait, cops can’t fuck whores?  Since when?  Seriously, this is some disheartening shit right here.  Isn’t the police force a brotherhood?  I’m not trying to say all cops should be immune from the law, but we’re talking about pussy here.  Does Sgt. Vidrine not deserve to get laid?   (more…)

Danny Glover Has Lost His God Damn Mind

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[Sacramento Bee]  A man was arrested after he jumped on the hood of a police car and shouted his name. Sacramento police said an officer was sitting in a patrol car in the 2600 block of Fairfield Street in the Noralto neighborhood about 1 a.m. this morning when a man walked up and leaped upon the hood of the vehicle. He then yelled his own name, jumped down and ran away. The jumper was easy to search for because he was described as wearing a dark puffy jacket, a sombrero and a boxing glove on one hand. Jesse James Thomas, 55, was found nearby, lying in the street. Thomas was arrested for suspicion of being drunk in public.

Happens to the best of ’em, I guess.  NAACP’s version of Gary Busey.  I feel like Danny Glover’s inexplicably been hanging on for dear life to the fringe of Hollywood for decades.  You figure after The Color Purple & Lethal Weapon series, he’d have been a mainstay on the A-list instead of ending up pouncing on cop cars in a sombrero and one boxing glove. Although the easy argument against that is – look at Mel Gibson.  No wonder Riggs & Murtagh were such a great tandem.  Actors always gotta have a little crazy in ’em, and there’s only so long they can keep it from bleeding into real life.  A tell-tale sign is when the Just For Men runs out.  That ‘stache is trash!

[Denver]  A Denver police officer arrested in the beating of his girlfriend claimed that she attacked him with a Justin Bieber doll. Officer Michael Nuanes, Jr., 37, said that his girlfriend hurled a Barbie-sized Justin Bieber doll at him, injuring his foot. He also accused the girlfriend of kicking him, biting his finger and choking him, according to an Adams County sheriff detective’s sworn statement supporting an arrest warrant. “Michael Nuanes stated that (his girlfriend) had thrown a ‘Barbie Doll’ at him, which bruised his foot and (said) that it hurt,” the affidavit said. “Nuanes pointed out a ‘Justin Bieber’ doll, which was the item used to injure him.” The 42-year-old girlfriend accused Nuanes of pulling her hair out and punching her in the ribs, the affidavit said. The girlfriend also said that Nuanes kicked in the locked door of a bathroom where she had taken refuge and then he hit her over the head and back with part of the broken door. At one point, the girlfriend used her cellphone to videotape Nuanes trying to drag her off a bed and the officer used his cellphone to make an audio recording of their argument, the affidavit said. Deputes arrested Nuanes without incident at the Denver Police Department on Jan. 27, according to court records. He faces domestic violence-related charges, including misdemeanor assault causing injury, property damage and obstructing telephone service. He was released from jail on $1,500 bond. Denver police spokesman Lt. Matt Murray said Nuanes has been assigned to desk duty because he is prohibited from carrying a gun under a protection order issued in the domestic violence case.

Motherfucking Bieber.  Listen, I don’t advocate slapping chicks around & beating them over the head with bathroom doors.  But I’m not gonna say there’s NEVER a reason to do so – and I’d like to ask you all not to judge Michael Nuanes unless you’ve actually been around a Justin Bieber doll.   (more…)

[Palm BeachA man charged with offering a law enforcement officer two tickets to today’s Miami Dolphins pro football season finale to avoid arrest might be mostly guilty of overestimating their value, a judge said at the man’s bond hearing this morning. Eric Scott Topalian, 23, of suburban Boca Raton, is charged with two counts each of possessing controlled drugs without a prescription, bribery of a public servant, threatening a public servant and resisting arrest without violence. Documents detailing the alleged incident weren’t available today because of the holiday. Palm Beach County Jail records show Topalian was booked Saturday afternoon by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies. Although the Dolphins face their hated rivals, the New York Jets, they’ve struggled through yet another sub-.500 season. They started 0-7, fired head coach Tony Sparano in mid-December with three games left, and go into this afternoon’s Jets face-off with a 5-10 record. “Have you been watching the Dolphins? No one’s going to go to that game,” Palm Beach County Judge Timothy P. McCarthy told Topalian. Topalian began to say something but the judge admonished him that it probably would be better if he didn’t discuss the potential value of an alleged bribe while he still was considered innocent until proven guilty. “Miami-Jets tickets aren’t worth a damn,” McCarthy said, and reduced Topalian’s bond accordingly, ordering him held in lieu of $6,000 bail. As it turned out, it might have been the judge who made the wrong call about the game. The Dolphins won a thriller, 19-17.

You kind of have to give him credit. I mean, it’s a shitty offer and it won’t get you places (except a cell for a night), but at least he wasn’t offering Jaguar tickets. Or Bucs tickets. Could haven been a lot worse. This guy could have really low-balled this cop because he had a handful of Xannies on him. Or maybe he was just sipping on some lean in a blue raspberry slurpie cup. (more…)

[Cincinnati]  A Hamilton police officer abruptly resigned earlier this month after he was allegedly seen masturbating and peeking into windows at a Monroe motel and using the motel parking lot as a restroom. Justin Lunsford, who joined the police force in 2007, was charged Dec. 6 with two counts each of voyeurism and public indecency. Both charges are misdemeanors. Lunsford has a pretrial hearing scheduled for Dec. 21 in Butler County Area III Court in West Chester Township. According to a police report, Lunsford was stopped Nov. 30 after patrons at Parkside Inn on Hamilton-Middletown Road reported seeing a man in a white hooded sweatshirt, naked from the waist down, urinating and defecating in the parking lot. The suspect, later identified as Lunsford, was seen getting into a black SUV, which Monroe police stopped attempting to leave the lot. Police filed charges a week later after reviewing video footage from the Parkside Inn’s security cameras. The police report says that Lunsford admitted the public indecency and voyeurism incidents in an interview with investigators.

Why even include the fact that the Parkside Inn’s grounds were being used as a toilet?  We’re not talking about the Ritz-Carlton here, and I’m pretty sure that’s nothing compared to patrolling motel windows with no pants on & your kung-fu-gripped boner out anyway.  It’s like saying, “A devastatingly handsome man known only as 610 was found smashing infant baby heads together…and he also jaywalked.”   (more…)

[RecordNet]  A Lincoln Unified School District teacher has been placed on paid leave amid allegations she was operating pornographic websites on a school computer with a Stockton police officer as her partner. District officials confiscated the school-issued Apple laptop of Heidi Kaeslin, a special-education teacher at Lincoln High, about one month ago. Kaeslin, 35, has been replaced by a long-term substitute teacher. Lincoln Unified has hired a computer expert to perform a forensic study of the laptop. A written report is expected this week, said attorney Chet Quaide, who is representing Lincoln Unified. Based on the report, Uslan will recommend to the Lincoln Unified board whether action – including possibly firing Kaeslin – is warranted. Action could come as soon as December’s board meeting. The investigation centers around allegations Kaeslin and Richard Fields, 51, an officer assigned by the Stockton Police Department to Lincoln High, were using the computer to support several for-profit websites, most of them adult. Fields retired from the police force in May. The sites include,, and

Heidi, why the fuck are you taking all your sites down?!!?  This is the pub you needed for your porn career to skyrocket!  Now’s the time to capitalize.  I mean why start operating in the first place if you’re just gonna fold in the face of free nationwide advertising?  The idea is genius, really.  (more…)

[NY Post]  His only defense is that he’s a “drunk.” A 22-year-old Long Island man wearing a shirt saying he’s a drunk was charged with DWI early today after he plowed into a cop who was on drunk driving patrol, authorities said. A mug shot taken after his arrest by Suffolk County cops shows Kevin Daly, 22, of Coram, wearing a black T-shirt that read: “I’m not an alcoholic. I’m a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.” Daly was driving a 2000 Saturn on County Road 83 when he attempted to turn east onto Route 25A and struck an officer’s vehicle at 1:45 a.m., police said. The officer is assigned to the Suffolk County Police Department’s SAFE-T (Selective Alcohol Fatality Enforcement Team) Section. The cop was treated for minor injuries at Stony Brook University Medical Center, police said. The officer’s identity was not made public. Daly, who was not injured, was charged with DWI and slapped with multiple traffic summonses.

Well bro, on the bright side, this shit’s gonna be pretty funny in a few years.  I mean funny to you – it’s pretty funny to the rest of us right now.  Somewhere Alanis Morrisette is sifting through 10,000 spoons looking for a knife, because you’re now officially an alcoholic.   (more…)