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[ABC]  Three Houston police officers are under investigation after claims they got high while on duty. And the claim, made by a man accused of drug possession, are backed up with something undeniable — the words of the officers themselves. It sort of jumps off the page. “‘So high’ spaced out: h i g h” defense attorney Daniel Cahill said. The words of a Houston police officer about an hour after arresting Nicholas Hill for marijuana possession. Hill was at his Atascocita apartment with friends late one night in May when cops came after someone smelled drugs. On search of the apartment, they allegedly found pot and stumbled on some brownies. “The other cop came into the bedroom with a tray of brownies and immediately assumed that there was pot or something in it by asking, ‘Let me guess what’s in this,'” Hill said. They were not the brownies your mom made, and Hill tells us – and told his lawyers – the cops ate them. Cahill and J Julio Vela, Hill’s lawyers, started investigating. If it were just the word of a 19-year-old accused of drug possession against the integrity of three Houston police officers, there wouldn’t be much for lawyers to defend or for us to report. But it’s not just his word. After allegedly eating the pot brownies and arresting Hill and two others, the officers went downstairs to their patrol car and started typing on their in-car computers. The city saves all those. At 2:44 in the morning one officer — we aren’t naming them — writes the other, “So HIGH…Good munchies”

Fuckin’ amateur hour.  Hey I remember my first toke.  Jesus Christ, cops, act like you’ve been there before.  You sound like a couple of 12 year-old girls shooting emoticons to each other.  “im sooooooo H I G H lollllllz 🙂 “.  No fucking kidding.  That was the expected outcome after stuffing your face with northern lights & Betty Crocker.  You may want to consider pacing yourself in the future though.  (more…)


[Detroit Free Press] A Livonia man accused of inappropriately touching a waitress at the MGM Grand Detroit casino is suing the city of Detroit, saying a Detroit police officer sucker-punched him twice – once when he was down — in an unprovoked attack this summer. And he has surveillance video to prove it, he says. Patrick Poisson, 38, of Livonia had allegedly inappropriately touched a waitress’s buttocks and would not leave the bar, so the casino’s security summoned Detroit police for help. One of the responding officers was Arthur Dudal, who approached Poisson and told him to leave. What happened next triggered a fight, and a lawsuit. Poisson says in his lawsuit that he complied with the officer’s request to leave, but that as he walked out, Dudal got in his face and threw a roundhouse right-hand punch, striking his nose, and followed with a left hook to the head, knocking him to the ground. As he lay on the ground in the fetal position, Dudal slugged him again, fracturing two ribs. Two days later, a warrant was issued for Poisson’s arrest, seeking to charge him with assault and battery on a police officer – saying he threw the first punch – and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct for touching the waitress.

A summons was issued in federal court today for the city of Detroit and Dudal to respond to the lawsuit within 21 days. A third defendant, officer Jose Ortiz, also was named in the lawsuit. He was the officer who filed the warrant request seeking to charge Poisson. In his request, Ortiz wrote that “The defendant turned around and charged at Officer Dudal. The defendant attempted to strike Officer Dudal with his right fist but missed. Officer Dudal defended himself by striking the defendant in the face with his right fist. The defendant charged at Officer Dudal a second time. Officer Dudal, in an attempt to defend himself, struck the defendant’s face with his left fist. The defendant fell to the ground and was still fighting with Officer Dudal. Officer Dudal and his partner …. Handcuffed the defendant as he resisted arrest.”

Dudal had to be banging this waitress, right?  Otherwise, I don’t get why he didn’t just wait to get this guy in an alley or somewhere other than a casino bar full of people to dole out this face-smashing.  Isn’t that how cops normally hand out justice?   (more…)

[NBC]  A school bus driver on Long Island is fighting to regain his job after being fired last week for being a Good Samaritan, apparently against company policy. George Daw claimed he was terminated because he helped three Nassau County police detectives during last Monday’s hail and rain storm. Daw was driving a mini-bus carrying a teenage passenger and a bus matron last Monday as golf ball-size hail and torrential rain pelted New Hyde Park. On Hillside Avenue, Daw came upon on a stalled unmarked police car carrying detectives, according to Detective Lt. Raymond Cote. The car had been filling with water. “They’re saying, you’ve got to help us, you’ve got to help us,” said Daw.  “You’ve got to get us to the third precinct.  We’re police officers.” Daw did just that, pushing through the flood waters to pick up the detectives and deliver them to their precinct. “I felt they were in danger,” explained Daw. Daw’s employer, Educational Bus Transport of Copiague, didn’t agree. After Daw filed a report about what happened, he was terminated from his job of nine months. Company paperwork supplied by Daw showed he was fired in part because he violated policy prohibiting drivers from picking up unscheduled passengers. “We have policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of the children we transport,” responded the bus company’s vice-president, Tim Flood. “When these policies and procedures are not followed, we will address them in an appropriate manner,” Flood continued. “This particular employee was not terminated solely because of the pick-up of unscheduled passengers.” Flood would not elaborate further. When asked if Daw’s actions endangered his passengers, Detective Lt. Cote said, “No.” “It’s sad when we hear his good deed cost him his job,” Cote added.

Ah, a classic case of why no one should ever do anything nice for people.  Good Samaritanism is for suckers.  Listen George I get it – you thought you were doing the right thing.  Still, rules are rules for a reason.   (more…)

[WTSP]  A metropolitan police commander issued a personal apology to 13 female officers after their bra size, height and weight were included in a departmental email this week. “We made a mistake,” Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham said. “We want to hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. The measurements should not have been included.” The email was sent Tuesday to 37 commanders and was intended to tell supervisors to inform their officers that their new protective vests were ready to be picked up. Attached to the email, however, was a spreadsheet listing the names and sizes of 91 officers, including the chest and waist sizes for 13 women whose vests needed special tailoring, Cunningham said. Cunningham, who is the highest-ranking woman in the department, was among the officers who received the initial email. She said she realized it contained sensitive information about three hours later. In an effort to mitigate the damage, Cunningham said she sent an email to recipients advising them to remove the attached document before forwarding the message. Rosanne Manghisi, executive director of the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives, called it unfortunate. “Unfortunately, you don’t want that stuff to be exploited,” said Manghisi, a retired New Jersey State Police captain. “Women get fitted, and obviously bra size is a part of that. You want to be fitted correctly.”

Oh please.  Honey worry about your weight, not your cup size.  That’s the column that should be embarrassing.  It’s not like all the male officers haven’t sized up your jugs from the outset anyway.  Just because it’s listed in a spreadsheet doesn’t make it news.   (more…)

[Miami Herald]  Two Miami Beach officers are in the hospital early Monday morning in the wake of two early morning shootings, including one in which police opened fire. Their injuries are not life-threatening, said Miami Beach Police Sgt. Alejandro Bello. Detective Jenny Velazquez, a police spokeswoman, confirmed that two officers were receiving treatment at Mount Sinai Medical Center with unknown injuries. But with a number of officers from different police agencies helping patrol the Urban Beach Week crowds on South Beach, Velazquez said details remain sketchy. “Everything is very cloudy right now,” she said. Velazquez said the police-involved shooting happened just before 4 a.m. in the 100 block of 15th Street. A second shooting, which Velazquez happened too recently to have much information, erupted in the 1300 block of Washington Avenue. One was killed in the shootings, according to sources, but Velazquez said that is not confirmed.

Wait, it was Urban Beach Week?  Of all places, huh?  Talk about a shitty coincidence.   (more…)

Oh for fucks sake will someone please scratch his itchy nuts already? At least give him a taser shot to the nuggets, that’d be fair. Serious question, is this real life or an outtake from Super Troopers? Because I didn’t realize cops had a sense of humor in real life. Rabbit and Mac here are obviously just busting this guys balls (sorry about the pun) for their own amusement. And talk about a lousy day for my man Yukon Cornelius. I bet when he woke up in his tent this morning, he never thought he’d catch crabs and a DUI in the same day. Sucks dude.

This exemplifies a situation that just didn’t translate to reality how it was drawn up in the theater of the mind.  Kinda like how you predict a convo with your chick when you’re about to lambaste her with the truth about something shitty you did.   (more…)