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[KRMG]  A man leaves a downtown Tulsa bar, but can’t find his car, so he calls police to say the car has been stolen. Then he finds the car and decides to drive home about eleven last night, but gets involved in a crash at 11th and South Houston. Police tracked him down after he left the scene to go home. “Witnesses, including the EMSA crew, (said) that’s the guy, he just changed clothes. So we ended up arresting him for leaving the scene of an accident and then calling in a false auto theft report.” Tulsa Police Corporal Dan Miller also told the News On 6 that Daniel Coglin was arrested. Miller says it’s not unusual for drinking drivers to leave the scene of an accident, then call in a stolen car report hours later. He says it just didn’t work this time. Miller says drinking drivers try that trick alot. “Get home somehow and then two or three hours later call in (saying), ‘Oh, I just woke up, my car is stolen, you all can take a report.’ Well, it looks like this time (it) sort of backfired.”

I’ve told my story before, but it bears repeating because Daniel Coglin proves what I tell everyone who makes fun of me for losing my car – it can happen to anyone.  Long story short, I was obliterated in NYC and after getting back to my buddy’s house I decided to hop in my Mini and make the trek back to my apartment.  In my drunken stupor, I missed the (blatant) exit to get on the parkway and within seconds panicked because I was lost and way too hammered to apply any deductive reasoning.  So I pulled over and, naturally, called my mom at like 5am to let her know that “winners win, drivers drive”, then walked to a gas station for a Gatorade & a cab.  When I woke up the next morning I immediately realized I had zero clue where I had left my car.  None.  A real-life ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’.   (more…)