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[Fox News]  A Florida mom is suing a hospital after a nurse reportedly cut off part of her infant daughter’s finger while removing an IV, myFOXtampabay reports. Veronica Olguin is suing the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center after the incident in October. Olguin’s 3-month-old daughter Selena had been in the hospital for three days recovering from a high fever. When a nurse went to remove the tape that attached the baby’s IV with scissors, she severed part of the child’s finger. “There was blood everywhere. It was all over her shirt, it was on my shirt. It was on my face. I held her face close to my chest. She was red, she was screaming,” Olguin said. Olguin’s attorney Lou Pendas says both the nurse and the hospital were negligent. “The nurse threw the scissors used to sever the pinky in a panic. She rushed out of the room, screaming, and that’s when the doctors rushed back into the room,” Pendas said. About half of Selena’s finger was found on the floor, but the veins were too small to reattach it. Pendas claims that while attorneys for the hospital were responsive to him at first, they stopped responding, forcing him to file the lawsuit. The hospital released a statement through their attorneys, saying, “We deeply regret the harm to the child and want to reiterate our compassion and concern for her and her family. We reached out right away to the child’s family and their attorney, but have not been able to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. We want to reiterate our compassion and concern for the child and her family.” Richards Ford with Wicker Smith out of Orlando, which represents the hospital, told myFOXtampabay the nurse is back at the hospital, but he couldn’t say whether she was working with patients or not. Olguin says she still has nightmares about the incident, and she believes Selena does too. “I saw everything. And it’s really hard what I went through. And I can’t imagine what she went through,” she said. Olguin claims Selena wakes up crying often in the night, and she worries for her child’s future in sports and school without a finger. “It’s really hard that she, she was born so perfect.,” she said.

Pop quiz, hot shot.  Would you trade a piece of your 3 month-old daughter’s pinky for a slam dunk lawsuit that’ll have you rolling in endless pesos?  If you answered “no”, you’re a liar.  Dinero trumps a pinky any way you slice it.  And we’re not even talking about the whole thing here.  I’m assuming from the top knuckle & up.  Big deal.   (more…)


[TSG]  Chicago police are investigating the posting to Facebook of a photo that appears to show a young girl with her hands and legs bound and her mouth covered with tape. The picture, seen above, was recently posted to the Facebook page of Andre Curry, a 21-year-old Chicago man. The photo carried the notation, “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; ).” Hours after the photo was originally posted, a Facebook friend of Curry’s wrote, “U goin to jail.” Je’Vanna Cobbins, a second Facebook friend, wrote, “really??? Dre.” Cobbins, a Chicago resident, told TSG she believes Curry was just “playing around,” adding that, “I wouldn’t say it was child abuse.” Cobbins said that Curry–who once dated her sister–would “never do anything to harm anyone.” While noting that the image went “a bit too far,” Cobbins added that Curry was “being playful with his child. People play with their child differently.” The disturbing image–which began to circulate online over the past several days–apparently prompted calls to cops. A Chicago Police Department spokesman today told TSG that “detectives are looking into it.” Curry did not respond to a message sent via his Facebook page (where photos are only available to his friends). In a phone interview, Curry’s grandmother said that he is father to a young daughter, but added that she knew nothing about the Facebook photo.

Good for you, Andre.  Sure it’s unconventional but you know what?  It sure as hell beats deciding to fight her like a man because this little bitch got hand-happy instead of simply accepting the consequence for whatever she did to make dad slap her around in the first place.  Dre showed uncommon restraint in…well…using restraints instead of closed fists.  And before you say “well you shouldn’t hit a 4 year-old in the first place”, think about what a child that age is capable of.   (more…)

[Fosters] SOMERSWORTH — The family of a man arrested Monday for willful concealment and child endangerment says he’s a “great father” who just got caught in a bad situation. Matthew Sordiff, 21, of 561 High St., was arrested Monday near the Market Basket on High Street after store managers there confronted him about taking items, including Enfamil baby formula, baby wipes, Half & Half and other items totaling $25.05, off the shelves and putting them into a diaper bag. A store employee tried to restrain Sordiff just outside the exit to the store, according to the police report, at which time Sordiff removed his three-month-old daughter from a stroller and placed her in a car seat on the ground before fleeing the scene on foot. Sordiff told police he “panicked” when he was approached about the items in the diaper bag. During an interview at the residence with Foster’s, Sordiff’s mother, Carla Bickford, said her son panicked because he was concerned about warrants out for his arrest that he had never taken care of, and left the child in the parking lot because he thought Baird was still in the store.

“My son is a very good father,” Bickford said. “Matt got scared and he ran because he thought he had warrants he never took care of.”

Well, as you all know, the 2011/12 Dad of the Year award is already spoken for. But still, this story kinda brings a tear to my eye. Here you have a down-on-his-luck dad hitting rock bottom without a shred of dignity, still trying to provide for his daughter by any means necessary. That’s what it means to be a parent my friends. Did Matt turn his infant into an accessory to a crime?  (more…)

[news] A DISTRAUGHT mother listened on a mobile phone as her teenage daughter was eaten alive by a brown bear and its three cubs. Olga Moskalyova, 19, gave an horrific hour-long running commentary on her own death in three separate calls as the wild animals mauled her. She screamed: ‘Mum, the bear is eating me! Mum, it’s such agony. Mum, help!’ Her mother Tatiana said that at first she thought she was joking. ‘But then I heard the real horror and pain in Olga’s voice, and the sounds of a bear growling and chewing,’ she added. ‘I could have died then and there from shock.’ Unknown to Tatiana, the bear had already killed her husband Igor Tsyganenkov – Olga’s stepfather – by overpowering him, breaking his neck and smashing his skull. Olga, a trainee psychologist, saw the attack on her stepfather in tall grass and reeds by a river in Russia and fled for 70 yards before the mother bear grabbed her leg. As the creature toyed with her, she managed to call Tatiana several times during the prolonged attack.Tatiana rang her husband – not knowing he was already dead – but got no answer. In a second call, a weak Olga gasped: ‘Mum, the bears are back. She came back and brought her three babies. They’re… eating me.’

When I went away to school in the Midwest, my now wife was still living on Long Island. I got a call from her one day and she was all frantic. She told me that she set her toaster oven on fire (did you know you can’t cook taco shells in a toaster oven?) and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to be insensitive or anything, but I was like, you realize that as you’re talking to me your kitchen is burning down, right? Not much I can do from a thousand miles away. You either have to put it out or call the fire department. Kind of like the same thing but not really with Goldilocks here. (more…)

looks like a decent enough guy

[CBS] DES MOINES, Iowa – A Des Moines man who allegedly tried to lure a young girl into an alley, wound up with stitches and a black eye after the girl’s mother took matters into her own hands, according to authorities. Polk County police sources say that Robert C. Harding tried to lure a 13-year-old girl into an alley near where she was playing with friends outside her home. Instead the smart-thinking teenager went to get her mom who confronted Harding, according to CBS affiliate KCCI. Police say that when the girl’s mother, Holly Pullen, confronted Harding he asked how old the girl was and whether he could marry her or would be interested in signing the girl away.

“I got down to the alley and I confronted him. I said, ‘Why are you staring at the kids?’ and he looks at me and says, ‘I want to marry the red head.’ I came unglued at that point. I was like ‘Dude, she’s only 13 and that’s my daughter,'” Pullen told the station.

Police said Pullen punched Harding in the face. Then the girl’s father and one of his friends chased Harding and fought with him, KCCI reported. By the time police arrived at Fremont Street, the fight was over. Police questioned Harding who allegedly told them that he was trying to get the girl into the alley he could marry her and sex her. Police also said he told them he knew the girl was a minor and that he liked “young girls.”

This is why chivalry is dead. Robert was doing everything by the book here, real old school. He could have just offered her some free candy that he had in the back of his white van, but he took it back to a time when marrying young women was the norm. No minimum ages, no statutory rape, (more…)

[WIOD] REDLANDS, Calif. (AP) A father who spotted his missing 4-year-old daughter naked, yelling for him and banging on a window inside a neighbor’s apartment stormed the home and rescued the girl, Redlands police said Tuesday. Terence Giberson, 52, lives in the same apartment complex as the girl and her father. He was booked for investigation of kidnapping and child molestation, said Carl Baker, public information officer for the Redlands Police Department. Bail was set at $500,000.

The girl had been playing with friends outside her own apartment around 7:30 p.m. Monday, Baker said. When her father couldn’t find her, he went looking. He found her sippy cup near Giberson’s apartment, then saw his daughter in the window, Baker said. After crashing into the apartment, he found his daughter and Giberson naked, grabbed her and ran out to call police, Baker said. Baker applauded the father for using restraint. “He did what he needed to do to help his daughter and he let the police do their job,” he said.

Pretty safe to say that we can skip the 2nd Annual Dad of the Year Award. There’s no one that’s going to be more deserving than this Redlands Dad. I have to admit though, I was really shocked to read that Giberson was still alive at the end of the story. (more…)

[WTSP]  Idaho authorities say a mother and daughter were arrested for drunken driving within an hour of each other — the mother when she went to pick up her daughter’s dog. The Post Register reports a sheriff’s officer stopped 28-year-old Alisha Gardner at 10:56 p.m. Saturday in Idaho Falls after spotting her car swerving and crossing the centerline. Sgt. Jeff Edwards says her blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit, so Gardner was taken to jail. Just under an hour later, 51-year-old Diana Gardner arrived to pick up her daughter’s dog, which was in the car. An officer smelled alcohol on her and a test revealed that her blood-alcohol level was also twice the legal limit, so she was arrested. The report did not say what happened to the dog.


I remember when I got my DWI.  Just a fresh-faced 21 year-old years deep in the booze game, cruising home at 2am against the friendly advice of taking the back roads and boom – literally 7 squad cars just chillin’ in the 7-11 parking lot to my right.  In my infinite wisdom, I knew I had to roll through the stop sign ahead and get away from this pig pen ASAP.  Well, Suffolk County’s finest either saw me roll right through or, more likely, saw my piece of shit pickup truck with the “Don’t Be A Dick” sticker on it and were just playing roshambo to see who was gonna pull me over.   (more…)