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[Yahoo]  The owner of the Pittsburgh Power fired all 24 members of his team during a pregame meal at an Orlando-area Olive Garden. With AFL players set to strike before the 2012 season opener, owner Matt Shaner reacted first, cutting his entire team hours before kickoff of a game against the Orlando Predators. “Mid-statement, all the players got up and left,” former Power center Beau Elliott told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Every player got up and left while he was still talking. There were 15 to 20 angry, large individuals.” The AFL Player’s Association was calling for an increase in the $400 game checks paid to most players on each team. The union demanded a 300 percent increase in the minimum salary. AFL owners countered with a $100 raise. Shaner told the newspaper that some players split from the union and returned to the team in time for Saturday night’s game. Those who didn’t were stuck in Orlando and forced to return to Pittsburgh on their own. Members of the Predators were also released. The game was still played, with unfilled roster spots being taken by replacement players, some of whom arrived to the arena minutes before kickoff. One backup quarterback switched teams before the game after getting “drafted” during a pregame selection. As a result, the season opener had the feeling of a pick-up game down by the local high school field. The NFL Network broadcast the game live. Announcers reportedly couldn’t identify a number of players. Pittsburgh won 40-26, in front of more than 13,000 fans.

Well I guess that’ll be the end of negotiations, eh?  The AFL Player’s Association just got cock-slapped by Matt Shaner right in the middle of Olive Garden.  Could there be a worse place to be embarrassed like this?  I mean if I’m part of the Union I’m graciously accepting the extra hondo and countering with simply moving the pre-game spread to Houlihan’s or something.  You’re in the Arena Football League, homie.   (more…)

[Palm BeachA man charged with offering a law enforcement officer two tickets to today’s Miami Dolphins pro football season finale to avoid arrest might be mostly guilty of overestimating their value, a judge said at the man’s bond hearing this morning. Eric Scott Topalian, 23, of suburban Boca Raton, is charged with two counts each of possessing controlled drugs without a prescription, bribery of a public servant, threatening a public servant and resisting arrest without violence. Documents detailing the alleged incident weren’t available today because of the holiday. Palm Beach County Jail records show Topalian was booked Saturday afternoon by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies. Although the Dolphins face their hated rivals, the New York Jets, they’ve struggled through yet another sub-.500 season. They started 0-7, fired head coach Tony Sparano in mid-December with three games left, and go into this afternoon’s Jets face-off with a 5-10 record. “Have you been watching the Dolphins? No one’s going to go to that game,” Palm Beach County Judge Timothy P. McCarthy told Topalian. Topalian began to say something but the judge admonished him that it probably would be better if he didn’t discuss the potential value of an alleged bribe while he still was considered innocent until proven guilty. “Miami-Jets tickets aren’t worth a damn,” McCarthy said, and reduced Topalian’s bond accordingly, ordering him held in lieu of $6,000 bail. As it turned out, it might have been the judge who made the wrong call about the game. The Dolphins won a thriller, 19-17.

You kind of have to give him credit. I mean, it’s a shitty offer and it won’t get you places (except a cell for a night), but at least he wasn’t offering Jaguar tickets. Or Bucs tickets. Could haven been a lot worse. This guy could have really low-balled this cop because he had a handful of Xannies on him. Or maybe he was just sipping on some lean in a blue raspberry slurpie cup. (more…)

[CBS]  Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd, who was arrested Wednesday on federal drug charges, was a top drug dealer in Chicago and police have a list of NFL players who were supplied drugs by the receiver, a law enforcement source told 670 The Score. The list is “in the double-digits”, according to the source. According to the criminal complaint, Hurd told an undercover Homeland Security agent Wednesday night that he and another co-conspirator were already distributing four kilograms of cocaine a week in the Chicago area, but he needed more. He was seeking five to ten kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana a week to distribute and was willing to pay $25,000 per kilo of cocaine and $450 per pound of marijuana. That adds up to as much as $700,000 of drugs each week.

So apparently that 3-year/$5 million contract he inked with the Bears this off-season is ashtray money for Sam Hurd.  Granted, he’s going to jail but Hurd #81 jerseys are gonna peak now.  I mean how often is ‘professional athlete’ someone’s part-time job?  That’s fucking incredible.   (more…)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He’s been dreaming about this his whole life. Probably been through this scenario over and over again in his head. He knew every detail. What the air smelled like, the echo of the crowd, how his wheels slightly sunk in to the grass, the touch of the pigskin. Then he got word that he would finally get a shot. The butterflies took over in his gut as he heard his teammates chanting his name. The smile stretched from ear to ear as he coasted towards the huddle. The excitement was overwhelming when he heard his number called. The anticipation grew as he lined up in formation. Then the cadence… the snap… his big chance… And he fucking fumbles! Unbelievable. He didn’t even realize he dropped the ball. Just kept plowing towards the end zone like a runaway locomotive.  (more…)

Does roughing the kicker exist in DIII football?  And why the hell would you air out a punt there?  Kick that shit out of bounds or tell the punter to run out the clock and take a safety.  You’re still up by 1 and then you can squib-kick to wrap up the game.  You don’t kick it a mile high to their return man and allow a run like that.  Yeah it’s not likely he’ll run it half way back, fall, and toss a perfect lateral to a sprinting teammate but it’s their best shot.  Terrible coaching.

I can watch this all day.  How is this guy’s name not in the news by now?  I figured he’d have his 15 minutes after getting the NFL logo branded on his forehead on Monday Night Football.  Kid was rocked.

Boley hates white people.