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[AP] North Korean television announced in a “special broadcast” that its leader, Kim Jong Il, is dead. News of Kim’s death was made public on Monday, with officials indicating that he actually died two days earlier while riding a train. Reuters notes that the country had begun transferring power to his son, Kim Jong-un, who is believed to be in his late 20s.

Is there no end to Kim Jung Il’s narcissism? All the coolest iron fist rulers have been dropping like flies over the course of 2011. Bin Laden, Gadaffi, Castro. You didn’t expect Jong Il to let himself be left out, did you? That’s why he staged his own death just so he could feel like he was invited to the party. (more…)


I know, I know… pics or it didn’t happen. Oh wait, what’s this? A photo just came across my desk. Looks like Gaddafi and he looks pretty dead. Check it out (Graphic). (more…)